gippsland-must-be-saved-lettersFarmers, foresters and fisherman alike, and now rural or outer suburban home owners on the fringe of bushland are conservationists by nature.
This considered, they will intelligently manage the bush themselves… if allowed…. by chopping it up and burning it in their fire places, rather than being subjugated and micro-managed under less experienced Big-Brother-Deep-Green-Government who with its social Darwinist policies, deliberately plan for (by omission of action and prohibition of management) wildfires where these guys enjoy the eventuating consequential incineration of the enemy – human species and their homes by a said long-threatened natural bush environment biting back.
But really, this wilful destruction is just an expression of the hatred of the Deep-Greens towards other mankind.
I argue that out-of-control fires are willed and intentional while laws prohibit local management.
However, please friends, put a wool jumper and socks on (poly-cotton thermals will not do) so you don’t have to burn down every tree at once!
I wish some of these Greenies would understand conservation and the fact that we all want to conserve the environment.
We all should consider our responsibility to invite these environmental experts who mostly have been born, raised and remain in the inner-city, into our life in the country, where we can show them some good old fashioned hospitality.
Maybe if they get to share in the beauty of the country then they won’t feel such a need to rigorously over-manage us, and undermanage our environment that leaves some in rural areas exposed and vulnerable to death and loss.
Paul Constable Daly, M. Bioethics, Woolamai View.