panthers-look-after-their-matesAt the recent RoadSafe Looking After Your Mates session were, from left, Victoria Police Acting Sergeant Michael Felton, RoadSafe Gippsland’s Brendan Horrocks with club president Les Watson, senior coach Dean Alger and senior players Corey Smith, Brendan Jones and Jake Joyce.

THREE flags in as many years says it all for Kilcunda-Bass Football Club’s success on the field.
It’s been exciting times.
The club is striving to match that success off the field as well with an investment in improvement across the whole club.
Senior players recently took part in a RoadSafe ‘Looking after Your Mates Session’ which was run by Gippsland Road Safe with the support from the Victoria Police and GippSport.
The session provided players and members tips to help avoid road trauma or other injuries when ‘under the influence’ of alcohol or other substances.
The session promoted responsible serving and consumption of alcohol and aimed to raise awareness of the need for people to plan ahead, so that they can get home safely.
It highlighted the importance of ‘Looking After Your Mates’ when out and about and provided some practical tips for the players.
RoadSafe presenter Brendan Horrocks said the program was perfectly suited to sporting clubs.
“Footy clubs are matey places, especially on the field.
“We watch each other’s backs when we go out to play. The same can be done after the match and when you’re socialising.
“Make sure your mate isn’t getting into trouble, make sure he or she gets home safely and plan ahead as a group.”
Kilcunda-Bass Football Club has been participating in the VicHealth ‘Healthy Environments Program’ for the past 12 months.
The program looks at making your club a healthier one across many facets including the responsible use of alcohol.
They have been working with GippSport and coordinator Gene Parini praised the club for initiating this session.
“Credit should be given to president Les Watson who was the driver for getting tonight together and senior coach Dean Alger for his full support.”
The evening incorporated illicit drug abuse awareness as well from Acting Sergeant Michael Felton and stressed the increase in the amount of drug testing being done by Victoria Police at booze bus stations across the state.
Mr Watson said he was very happy with the information that was relayed.
“These issues are big ones for all communities and we believe educating our players and members to make the right decisions is extremely important.
“These types of programs have certainly helped guide our club around best practices.”
For any other sporting clubs wanting to run a ‘Looking After Your Mates’ session, you can contact Gene Parini at GippSport on 5674 6004 or email