The ruts and barriers causing concern on the trail.

I still continue to follow the laughable excuse they call the Anderson-San Remo bike path.

Since my last correspondence, not a whole lot more work has been completed.

It still starts and finishes in no man’s land.

As predicted, the small amount of rain has already left deep ruts, puddles and more obvious erosion problems.

The riding surface being soft and spongy would not be rideable at this point.

What amuses me and frightens me even more is the erection of galvanized railing along the sides of the path.

Having ridden all over Victoria and just recently in Tasmania on the sides of mountains where the lower sides of the trails are near vertical cliffs, why oh why have they put these head high lethal metal barriers up on the most dangerous off-camber high speed corners?

Nowhere else have I seen anything similar.

How many people and kids are going to be seriously injured or even killed colliding with this ridiculous “safety” protection.

How much money has been wasted already on this project?

Can’t wait for the real winter to set in and watch it all wash away.


Tim Smith.