Thief-claims-poleSome years ago the Welshpool War Memorial was wrecked by an unfortunate accident.
It took two years – after a grant was applied for – to get a $5000 grant to restore the monument back to its former glory using a lot of voluntary labour.
Unfortunately there was no money available to replace the flag pole.
The Welshpool community started to fundraise to get the funds needed to replace it but due to the extreme generosity of a former Korean War veteran who wrote out a cheque for the purchase of a new flag pole, we were able to erect a new compliant flag pole at the same time as the monument.
In the last fortnight some gutter crawling mongrel low life person or persons have stolen the flag pole – the descriptive words I have used are nowhere near what I really think of them.
If anyone has any information about this matter or noticed a very long flag pole being transported lately, would you please contact the Toora Police Station.
The Welshpool Memorial Hall Committee of Management who over the years has overseen the memorial restoration will make enquires as to the replacement of the flag pole as soon as possible.
I would urge all communities to inspect their flag poles to make sure they are secure.
EW Fowler, President, Welshpool Memorial Hall Committee of Management.