tightlines-27-5-2014Competition winner Joe Gristi with part of his impressive catch.

FISH do have a habit of turning up in the most unusual of places.
Take for example Wonthaggi angler “Bushy” Coulton who decided to try his luck in the Powlett River looking for whatever might come along.
He didn’t actually have much to brag about until suddenly there was action and the battle was on.
After a long battle he actually bagged a very impressive snapper that dragged the scales down to the 2.7 pound mark on the old scale.
This was all he managed for the day but even so reckoned that he had bragging rights, a claim that few would argue with.
In last week’s report there was a report that Amanda Kellar caught a 110 kg tuna.
In actual fact the fish was only around the 20kg mark but Amanda didn’t mind as she still has bragging rights, but regardless she is having a great time fishing – sure beats work at the servo.
Luke Smith is formally of Loch and he loves his fishing.
He is living the dream having landed a job as deckhand for Matt Cini on Reel Time Charters.
On a recent trip he hooked into and landed a very impressive 110kg tuna, which of course gave him bragging rights for some time.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held the first of its twice-yearly trips to the Tambo River with a very good turn up of locals and visitors.
The event was sponsored by Pat Batty of Stockdale and Leggo who has been long-time supporters of the club. Pat is a Life Member and his assistance is always appreciated.
In the senior female section the winner was Jan Beaumont with a 945gm bream. Jan also had the heaviest bag which went 3.525kg and she was also Queen of the Tambo.
In the senior male section the heaviest fish was caught by Alan Bentick which was a 1.215kg bream and the heaviest bag section was 8.215kg which was won by Jules Tiziani. King of the Tambo was Jules Tiziani.
In the teams event the winners were Jack Howie, Alan Bentick and Rob Thompson with a bag of 13.370kg.
In the junior male section the winner of the heaviest fish section was Hunter Tiziani with a 550gm bream.


Dave Smith is a regular visitor to Anderson Inlet and will often try his luck from the beach with varying amounts of success.
On his last visit there was nothing spectacular happening but he noticed a bit of action off the jetty.
He decided to have a closer look and saw a land based angler had caught a very good size salmon that was about the 45cm mark and naturally was happy.
As it turned out the angler was also a visitor and had quite a few other salmon in his Esky that were also caught at the jetty in just about 15 minutes.
Yes, a school of very good size salmon decided to pay the jetty a visit and the lucky land based anglers were in for a great time while the fish stayed around.
This is just another reason to try your luck whenever the opportunity arrives, as you won’t catch them at home.
There have been other reports of salmon being caught in good numbers throughout the inlet and all seem to be around the 45cm mark.
As is usually the case with these fish, they will take just about anything that is thrown into the water whether natural or artificial.
The smaller fish are better on the table when eaten fresh and should not be frozen as they tend to dry out and lose most of their flavour.
Good numbers of silvers have also been caught along with flathead that are being bagged on both sides of the tide.
Mahers Landing has been worth a look where salmon seem to be the main catch as well as flathead and silvers but whiting seem to be fairly scarce.

Waratah Bay:

Salmon were in good numbers last week being to the 2kg mark, which was a bit unusual as they are usually under the 1kg.
No one was complaining and everyone is still quite happy with the present situation.
Surf poppers and a variety of natural baits have been doing and job which Xavier Johnson found out when he and a mate paid the area a visit looking for whatever might come along.
As well as the salmon there were flathead and silvers that made for an entertaining outing and they are keen to do it all again.

Shallow Inlet:

Although there have not been many boats on the water there have been reports of good numbers of salmon making an appearance as they usually do at this time of year.
The water temperature is down which is usually a sign that the torpedo fish will show up in good numbers.
Surface lures of virtually any description will do the job as well as a variety of natural baits.
This is also when very good size silvers will also make an appearance, something that Mal McIntyre discovered by chance when he dropped in with a mate through the week.
They weren’t fussy what might come along and had no complaints when they finished the day with a mixed bag of salmon and silvers that were around the 1kg mark.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the local boat storage is that there has been a fair bit of action through the week.
Previously there had been quite a few king fish making an appearance but have been a bit on the small side and most were thrown back.
Not so this week with many good size fish better than the metre mark being caught and naturally putting a smile on the face of boaters.
If not king fish then there has been a good variety of pike making life interesting.
Of course the break of good weather has been great with boaters taking advantage with quotas of good quality flathead being caught.
Some boaters have been letting out berley trails, which are doing the job but also attracting very big coutta and pike.

Lakes Entrance:

The local jetties have been alright as far as luderick have been concerned with weed being the most effective.
Salmon and trevally are in good numbers around the Reeves Channel and the surrounding islands.
Trevally are being taken around the Rock Wall while the North Arm has been good for bream that are taking local prawn.
Good numbers of salmon are being taken off the surf in pleasing numbers while the Six Mile Reef has been producing a good variety of fish including gummies, flathead and pinkies on a variety of baits.

Lake Tyers:

Cameron Arm has been very good for quality bream that are taking prawn, worm and soft plastic lures.
The idea is to try a few casts and if not successful try another spot.
Devils Hole is always worth a try and the beach is giving up quality salmon that makes the effort worthwhile.

Mitchell River:

From Shadoof Lodge to the cut there has been quality bream being taken on a variety of baits with local prawn probably producing best results.

The old butter factory up as far as Wy Yung has been producing good numbers of perch that are being caught on green diving lures.

Tambo River:

There have been fairly good numbers of bream and silver trevally being caught from the entrance up as far as the power lines.
The best baits seems to be frozen prawn and Bass yabbies and black cut crab.

Nicholson River:

Bream to the 40cm mark have been caught and are on the move between the two bridges and as far up as the Poplars.
The best baits seem to be frozen prawns and black crabs.
When using crabs be prepared for a fair wait at times but when something happens it will usually mean a quality fish, usually bream that are often to the 40cm mark which makes it all worthwhile.


The boardwalk and the town jetties are usually good for good size bream that have been caught through the week.
Shaving Point and Lake King Jetty have also been good for bream but it would be fair to say that there are a few midgets among the quality fish.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 5672 374 or snafu1@dcsi.net.au. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds from Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

FROM the reports it would appear that the fish are enjoying the warmer weather as there was some quality table fish caught this week in the bay, boats or kayaks offshore and some from the land as well.
It also helped that plenty of people were taking advantage of the good weather especially on Saturday phoning in their reports.
I have had a few people ask me about all the kids that have been fishing on the jetty on Wednesdays.
It is a group from the San Remo Primary School that spend their last period at the jetty fishing and from all reports they are enjoying it and learning a thing or two.
I have always been a fan of these types of programs and we help out where we can because unlike other sports, fishing is something kids can do regardless of how fast they can run or how coordinated they are and best still, they are out in the fresh air away from the computers.
These programs are of course only possible with help from volunteers as schools don’t have the budget to employ people and this program is no different with a couple of retired locals helping out and teaching the kids what to do – I also think the helpers are having as much fun as the kids.
Although they haven’t managed to get a favourable tide yet, the kids have managed a few salmon and wrasse but all are enjoying it.
Maybe it’s a program you could get introduced to your local primary school?


The best report this week came from a land based customer Tim who came in early on Thursday morning wanting to weigh a snapper he had caught earlier in the morning off the Cowes jetty.
It was a bit of a surprise when he came back into the shop with a large red that went 7.15kg on the scales, a quality fish for land based.
I had several land based reports during the week, not quite as good as Tim’s snapper but still impressive.
There were some good whiting caught off the land this week; typically only one or two, but when they are in as good a condition as they are at the moment they are well worth catching.
They were caught near the Boys Home at Newhaven, behind the police station at San Remo and the beach at Ventnor all on the high tide and a couple from the Rocks at Sunderland bay on the low tide.
Other reports from the land were of salmon from the open beaches, while there were a few they were small and lucky to be much over 500 grams.
The best of the salmon reports came from the Rock Wall at San Remo behind the caravan park where there weren’t as many caught but the size was much better at around 1kg and bigger, mostly caught on lures.
Inverloch still was the best for consistent catches and the odd report came from Kilcunda.
Calamari as expected are starting to improve in quantity and size, both from the land and the boats but getting that colour right is not getting any easier.
There are a few colours in the artificial jigs that seem to work most of the time – the problem is there is always someone that will do the opposite to you and have success which only confuses things.
Again this week there were a couple of days at the San Remo jetty that the calamari would just keep swimming past the jig no matter what colour, type or size you were using.
As the water temp is changing and it gets a bit dirtier several reports are now coming in from those using the baited jigs, especially from the beaches in Cleeland Bight and Ventnor.
Boating reports came from Cleeland Bight as usual but probably more were caught in and around the Reef Island, Bass River, Dickies Bay areas.
The calamari were a bit smaller than those in Cleeland Bight there just seemed to be more of them.
Whiting reports from the boats were good this week and the quality of the whiting is excellent at the moment with one around 35cm providing a meal for one.
The best area in the boats was Dickies Bay but it seems to have changed over the last couple of weeks and rather than chase them around, pick your spot and just play the waiting game and eventually a school will come past.
The other common thing to the whiting reports was the amount of toadies and leather jackets which seem to be in plague proportions.
It didn’t seem to matter if you were using berley or not at some stage you were pestered by them but you need to preserve and put in the time waiting for the whiting.
The size of the whiting varied between 30cm and 48cm and all were in excellent condition for their length.
A variety of baits worked with pipis the best especially when put with a bit of squid; I also had several reports from those who use pilchard fillet.

Salmon in the surf

THE Venus Bay Angling Club’s May Fishing Competition was held in incredible conditons.
Anglers donned T-shirts and even shorts for most of the weekend.
The salmon were definitely on the bite on the surf.
In fact, club member Jennine reported seeing salmon actually throwing themselves up on the beach on the Friday afternoon.
All prize winners came in with salmon over 1kg.

Senior results:

1st: Joe Gristi, Salmon, 1260g for 630pts.
2nd: Phil Nebel, Salmon, 1040g for 520pts.
3rd: Michael DeHamer, Salmon, 1020g for 510pts.
No juniors or visitors weighed in.