tightlines-6-5-2014These bream were caught by Korumburra anglers who have just returned from a trip to Mallacoota. See lead story below.

Korumburra anglers Graham Stuart spends 10 days each year with his crew at Mallacoota.
As in past years this was yet another great trip with Ray Cruickshank, Les White and Peter Jeffries bagging out several times with quality fish.
Chris Muir, Trevor Humphrey, Billy Thomas and David Gow also had some excellent bags.
Graham said that the great weather, plenty of fish and the great company made for another fantastic fishing trip to Mallacoota and they can’t wait to do it all again this time next year.
There have been other reports where salmon and tailor are being caught off the beach, taking poppers and pilchard.
Captains Point and Main Wharf has been good for luderick on local weed.
Mulloway are about in the evening on live mullet, which has been proving very effective.
Offshore is also proving to be very productive where salmon, flathead and good numbers of gummies are making for very impressive bags.

King George received a report of Wonthaggi angler Nick Richards having a good day out on the whiting one day through the week.
He has had a fairly good season so far to be fair and on his last trip managed some very nice whiting out from San Remo with some frustrations being that some of the big royals broke off just as he was about to bring them into the boat.
All he could was watch as the fish slowly disappeared into the depth to swim and fight another day. He did however manage some very nice whiting that made the earlier frustrations worthwhile and he will be out there to do it all again. =


The good reports of whiting continue where the better fish are being caught just outside the entrance where they are to the very impressive 46cm mark and better.
The royals are taking a variety of presentations including Bass yabbies, squid, pipis and small strips of squid with a sandworm teaser.
The Inverloch jetty has been very popular as far as landbased anglers are concerned but there is a fair wait between enquiries.

There have been positive reports of quality silvers being caught near the snags with best results being at slow water on both sides of low water.
The fish have been to the 1kg mark along with good size whiting where Bass yabbies, small strips of squid and pilchards have been doing the job.

Further up near Stevies Gutter there have been reasonable numbers of silvers, whiting and whiting being caught on the run off flow.
Landbased anglers have been giving the south bank a fair work out where Bass yabbies, sand worms and clams have been doing the job.

Maher’s Landing has been very popular as far as boaters have been concerned further upstream as far as the double islands.
There have been quality coutta, silvers, flathead and pinkies being caught.
The pinkies are to the 2kg mark and have been taking pilchard strips as well as squid presentations. Landbased anglers have been doing well casting out from the left hand side of the boat ramp on the run in tide.
This is when there have been silvers, mullet and flathead being caught and as the tide reaches its peak, then around night fall there is every chance that a quality gummy shark will make an appearance.

Lakes Entrance:

Eastern Beach for salmon and tailor, best bait is blue bait and silver lures.
The town jetties have a mixed bag of fish taking prawn and worm.
The Narrows and Reeves Channel are fishing well.
Offshore has been productive as far as gummies and snapper were the best baits have been pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers:

Bream and flathead are in deep water holes within the main lake, bait of choice is soft plastics and prawn.
Fish are about but you will have to work for them, try an area and move on, using hard bodied lures, soft plastics and vibes.

Mitchell River:

Bream are cruising from Shadoof Lodge and down to the mouth of the Mitchell River and into Lakes King.

Perch are about at the two bridges with best baits being spider crab, worm and prawn.

Tambo River:

Marshalls Flats and back towards Bennett’s Brook are good spots for ream, using soft plastics, worm and prawn.

There have been good reports of quality bream being bagged at the highway bridge.


Deep water holes have some nice bream to 30cm, taking fresh prawn.
The best spots are the cliffs and Car Bodies.
Good size flathead are also cruising and chasing body lures.


From Chinamans Creek and down to the town jetties are good for bream, using pipis, and local prawn.
From Shaving Point and down to Tambo Bay are the places to try for flathead which are cruising the shallow sand banks, using soft plastics.


The Straights are still producing good fish.
Bream are looking for vibes, lures prawn and worm.
Jetties around Newlands arm and the Esplanade are good hiding spots for bream as well.

Hollands Landing:

From Sercombe Landing and down to the Woodpile and the small shallow lakes are producing bream that are taking prawn and worm.


Good high tides coming in have produced plenty of bream, big mullet, luderick, salmon and tailor.
Best bait being local shell, worm and local prawn.
The surf is excellent for salmon and tailor on metal lures.
Offshore is also good for a mixed bag of fish.

Bemm River:

The Entrance is open which has made excellent fishing.
Plenty of flathead are being taken and bream on vibes, soft plastics, worm and prawn.
The surf is also producing good salmon targeting poppers and pilchards. Gummies are chasing squid.


This area is fishing well with bream to 30cm, the odd flathead and perch.
The Lake system is full of salmon and tailor chasing blue bait, pilchard and poppers.
Also trevally up to 4.5 lb on the old scale on whatever you throw at them.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds from Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

With the very ordinary weather that we have had this week it will be a very short report especially as there have been very few people out fishing.


From those coming through the shop this week it would seem far more people from outside the area are fishing than those who are local.
We also get a lot of visitors from the northern states this time of the year who come down after the holiday crowds have gone but before the bad weather turns up.
Unfortunately though the weather has taken a bit of a down turn and we are only getting a couple of days that are warm.


There are far more fishing the land than the boats at the moment which you would expect this time of the year with the mutton bird winds making the bay un-fishable most days.
We are still having a few days’ worth getting the boat out and Saturday was a perfect example, the problem was the forecast again was miles away from what actually happened.


Those fishing the beaches are having mixed results with no real consistency at all with the salmon traveling from beach to beach.
The only thing that has been consistent with the reports is the salmon are mostly under the 1kg mark.
Generally I find this time of the year with smaller schools of fish it pays to give lure fishing a go and cover more beach which will help you to get to the fish and don’t be afraid to cast a few lures over the shallow areas.
There have been a few salmon caught in the bay on the jetties but there is a lot more rubbish in the shape of sting rays and draught board sharks than there has been on the beaches.


The rough weather has also stirred up a bit of weed making fishing for calamari far more difficult but it will pay to persevere as the bigger ones won’t be far away.
There were a couple caught from the San Remo jetty during the week and they actually came from the middle of the day rather than the beginning or end of the day.