bouquets-for-councilAt their most recent council meeting, South Gippsland Shire showed their support for the growing recreational vehicle market by giving the green light to keep Franklin River Reserve near Toora open as a free camping site.
Well done SGSC for promoting the good of the whole community and not just the benefit of a few.
Tourism is vitally important to our area and freedom of choice is the Australian right so visitors to our wonderful part of South Gippsland can continue to choose the method of camping they prefer – be it mainstream caravan parks or the joys of free camping, the choice is there for all!
I would also like to thank the council for allowing me the opportunity to airs my views regarding my support for the RV Strategy Draft Report and for taking my comments into consideration.
As RV travellers are ever increasing in numbers and have a very large network base, it is important to local traders and businesses for the council to show its support and it is fantastic to see our shire keeping up with the times and making the effort to accommodate this growing market.
Tourism can make or break an area and we need to encourage as many visitors as possible by whatever means necessary to ensure all towns and businesses in our shire survive and benefit by the maximum amount.
Negative comments made by some so called locals should be taken with a grain of salt and let common sense prevail.
Karen Barwick, RV Traveller.