drawn-in-on-fixtureRe: Sentinel-Times, June 3, ‘Draw slammed’.
I find it very disappointing that MDU along with several other clubs in the league have had their senior playing groups unfairly criticised throughout the media over the past week by an ex-president and a current player’s personal view on a team who were 0-5 at the start of this season.
The article published in last week’s Sentinel-Times talked about the unfairness of the draw and how so-called “easier” draws were helping so-called “bottom teams” win games.
This time last year MDU were 0-7, Toora 0-6, Tarwin 0-4. I guess it was the draw’s fault last year for these results. I don’t remember Bruce and James complaining about last year’s draw.
MDU last year only won three games. Was that the draw’s fault? No.
It was a combination of a lot of things. It was mentioned that sponsors and supporters drop off when clubs aren’t winning. We know that feeling because we have regularly played the top four teams from the previous year twice, but we never received support from Bruce and James.
The draw is not perfect – never has been and never will be.
I have been involved in league meetings for three previous draws, and not one club has been 100 per cent happy with those draws, whether it would be travelling, too many home games or away games in a row, byes after interleague and so on. They talk about reality checks for teams like MDU and a false sense of security.
We as a club know exactly where we sit in the league, we are a team that is young and improving as each week goes on and we are not getting ahead of ourselves.
At the time of writing this we are 4-2 and that is already one more win than last year and two of these wins were against teams who beat us last year.
So yes, we have improved, but we won’t know until round 20 how far we have really come.
The mention of a so called “bottom team”, shows a lack of respect.
It hints to the fact that a team that might not have fared so well the year before, can’t improve the following year and comments like these make me think that Bruce and James would like to keep these teams there.
As for a team making the finals and getting smashed by 20 goals in the first week of finals, I would think if you were good enough, you will win enough games regardless of the draw.
This year’s draw was a draw that all the clubs voted on and wanted.
To say that it is a debacle and a joke is not only disrespectful towards the league executives, but also the 11 clubs involved. It sounds more like sour grapes, because it is affecting their club.
You have to look the big picture in which is 11 clubs, not one.
As for next year’s draw it looks like the league has already found a couple of experts to help them “fix” the draw so that every club will be happy. I guess time will tell.
Adrian Coulter, president, MDU Football Netball Club.