758984-wonthaggi-desalination-plantThe recent article by Aquasure/Watersure (Sentinel-Times) about the number of visitors flocking to tour the desal plant quotes some quite astounding figures.
It appears that about 10 people visit the plant each day.
If we divide this into $1.8 million which is paid by Victorian water users every day, we arrive at an entry fee of $180,000 per head!
This must rank as one of the most expensive tourist attractions in the world, and is surely in the running for some sort of award.
On the Gold Coast and Phillip Island there are multi-attraction packages on offer.
Has Watersure thought of offering a similar deal?
Visitors could tour the desal plant, then travel on to wonder at more “cutting-edge environmental and technology” sites owned by Suez Degremont – the Hazelwood open cut and power station (scene of the recent “world’s biggest barbecue”) and Lyndhurst tip (where all the sea creatures vacuumed up by the desal intake pipes will be lovingly entombed – tonnes per day). What an opportunity for them to continue to spruik their mantra of “no environmental damage”!
Mr Brassington (CEO of Watersure), I am sure the community would like to see our neighbourly “good corporate citizen” devote similar energy into sorting out the outstanding Bass Coast Shire rates issue.
Ratepayers have most recently forked out to repair your access road again, yet your contribution to rates continues to be zero.
I wonder how those Pioneer Bay residents, who have just had their sealed road torn up because we can’t afford to maintain it, would feel about this situation. Not too happy, I would guess.
Mark Robertson, president, Watershed.