editors letterEditor Nathan Johnston

THE Bass Coast Shire Council’s tough stance on residents who can’t be bothered doing the right thing with their recycling should be applauded.
The repeat offenders won’t have their recycling bins picked up for two months as a result, forcing them to make the effort to take their rubbish to transfer stations themselves.
As most of us know, it’s not hard to sort out what can be recycled from what can’t. If it has one of those triangle symbols, it can be recycled. Simple.
But that little bit of satisfaction we get from helping out the environment is ruined when we hear about the loads of recyclables that end up in landfill because of the plonkers who put grass clippings, leaves, vacuum cleaner dust or food scraps in their yellow-lidded bins.
This ends up costing ratepayers an extra $180,000 a year in Bass Coast.
Whilst on waste, if you do need to take a load out to the tip, take the time to sort it out before you go.
Keep your cardboard, glass, plastics, steel and green waste separate, and you’ll find that a trailer load will cost as little as $4 to dispose of, instead of $40.
Bass Coast Shire Council is set to put up its fees at the transfer stations at the end of the month -South Gippsland Shire Council did the same last year – but you can minimise the damage without too much hassle.