potholesIn the local papers three weeks ago was a joke/insult to road users when the State Government presented an award to VicRoads for its work on the South Gippsland Highway.
Let’s get it right, government, giving government pats on the back. What an insult to ALL road users and country people.
Millions of dollars of damages to cars, trucks, bikes and humans.
Let’s only talk about two holes – Melbourne side of Korumburra going to Melbourne, 28 repairs in last 13 months I know of.
Hole 2 – biggest one of many going to Leongatha, 1km out that everyone knows about, most vehicles up to four weeks ago would go over double lines to miss it, yes that BIG, 24 times it’s been repaired in last 14 months and three major repairs to it also.
In the article it also said off road project awards – where – oh yes stupid ropes have been put in on the sides of the road, yes, VicRoads now says they’re too close to side of the road.
Some are giving no chance to pull over due to you are still on the road.
So stopping vehicle on the side of the road when broken down. Yes, you hit another hole blowing out tyres. What tree removals, other than the ones blown over when VicRoads cut them off the white line only. That’s another joke, stupid idea.
These people in Melbourne who gave out these awards should drive on this road. Wake up and understand, you’re dreaming.
Spend money on the roads not on yourselves.
David Amor, Korumburra.