councillorIT would be hard to conceive of a more important council meeting than the one coming up in Leongatha today, Wednesday, June 25 at 2pm.

Not only will the council vote to levy 5.5 per cent more in rates and also adopt a spending program of $56.3 million with $14 million in capital works, but it is also budgeting for a surplus of $4.8 million this coming financial year. In fact, forward estimates indicate that the shire’s surplus will hit $15.9 million by 2022-23.

The meeting will also consider the adoption of a radically new rating system, look at its policy on septic tanks as it impacts housing growth and values in Sandy Point and Venus Bay and also new infrastructure plans for Mirboo North and Tarwin Lower/Venus Bay. Then there’s the Toora and Poowong swimming pool master plans to consider. Will Poowong’s pool survive the process? Yes it will with council considering a $772,000 redevelopment project for the facility. There’s Coal Creek, a community grants review and more. It might be easier to say what the council isn’t considering at its meeting this week. And it will also be asked to consider a proposal by Cr Don Hill to wipe $34 million of council’s 15-year projections. Is that even possible? And would such a move, as council officers fear, make the shire financially unsustainable in the future? Be there if you are interested in what council decides to do!