stand-alone-has-already-deliveredThe enthusiasm generated by Stand Alone has resulted in some great ideas.
The most logical recommendation for long term management of the region is to make minor changes to the boundary between Bass Coast and South Gippsland.
The outcome would be two specific shires specialising in what they are best at.
Bass Coast becomes a world renowned Coastal Reserve that includes French Island and the entire coast to the Prom.
South Gippsland becomes a primary produce shire with the inclusion of gravel industry at Grantville.
The intent is to use every piece of land for its most efficient use.
Currently, there is an unworkable confusion that the state is ignoring.
Private farm land on coastal areas with magnificent views is used for farming only.
It must be integrated into the tourism industry, replanted with local vegetation with linked pathways and bike tracks.
The Reserve will have mixtures of bed and breakfasts, backpackers, coffee shops, small bars and local produce restaurants.
Melbourne people would spend weeks, riding, jogging and getting lost in the best reserve in Australia.
People wishing to live in Bass Coast will have to pay higher rates which will be supplemented by user-pays and state funding.
The reserve will be broken up by paid farm managers tending smaller acreages among the Reserve but retaining the connection to the previous generations of farmers.
All ideas must be considered when a Municipal Boundary Review is conducted.
Cr Phil Wright, Smiths Beach.