tightlines-11-6-14Caitlyn O’Shannessy caught this 3.5 foot gummy on Saturday using a children’s whiting rod in Shallow Inlet.

Boaters and land-based anglers were out in numbers for the last long weekend for the year before Christmas.
The conditions were very good and there was a good variety of fish to greet the weigh master that were taken on a wide variety of presentations.


Although the conditions were great weather wise there was not a great deal of activity as far as the surf was concerned but there was reasonable numbers of salmon caught.
The fish were up to the 1.5kg mark which was reasonable along with a few flathead and Tommy roughs.
A few gummies were also caught with best results being on the run in tide.
King George received a call from a couple of visiting anglers, who were down from Melbourne to try their luck and they did fairly well with salmon and a very nice dusky flathead that they thought might be female in pup so it was released to swim and fight another day. There were a few salmon caught off the beach by visiting anglers.


There was quite a few land based anglers trying their luck near the entrance where it seems that there was a good variety of fish being caught on the last half of the run out tide.
Mullet, silvers, gummies and good size salmon made up most bags.
There were no reports from the area around Pensioners Corner but no doubt there were fish around that would make the visit worth the effort.
The jetty has had plenty of hopefuls trying their luck as is usually the case and at the time of King George paying a visit there were just a few mullet and salmon being caught between long waits.
Further up towards the Bluff there have been better numbers of salmon being caught on trawled lures where the fish have been to the 1kg mark on the run in tide.
Near the entrance to Stevies Gutter hopeful boaters have been catching a few reasonable size whiting on Bass yabbies, pipis and small strips of squid.
There haven’t been any reports of any results at Stevies Gutter itself but no doubt the fish are there in good numbers.
The best time is usually on the run out tide when the fish will come off the banks.

Shallow Inlet:

This remarkable stretch of water appears as not much more than a splash on any map but looks can be deceiving.
Karen and Andrew Starrett have operated the local caravan park located on the foreshore and love the area. They say there are very good numbers of salmon in the inlet at the present time along with big silvers, flathead and gummies that will test the skills of anglers and as well as equipment.
Karen says their five-year-old daughter Cierra caught a very nice salmon over the weekend and was very pleased with herself, and why not.
One of her friends Caitlyn O’Shannessy also caught a very nice size gummy shark on a kid’s whiting rod and naturally the photos will occupy pride of place on the “bragger’s wall” at the caravan park.
Over the weekend the conditions have been reasonable even though there has been a bit of an east wind blowing.
This area is one of those places where fishing is not greatly affected during an east wind, unless it is a gale and then off course everything comes to a stop.

Lakes Entrance:

Warm clothes and waterproofs are a must.
Town jetties have luderick taking local weed.
Trevally are also to be found taking prawn.
Macks Sand Beach has some flathead biting on local prawn.
The shallow areas around Fraser Island has been good for flathead and salmon biting on pilchard and prawn.
Offshore, barracouta and pinkies have been caught but be prepared and take plenty of spare rigs.

Lake Tyers:

The main lake is producing bream on lures.
Up to the Nowa Nowa Arm and in deep water, from Black Snake Bight up to Cameron’s Arm for bream. Best bait being prawn.
The surf is a bit wild but still producing salmon on poppers and pilchard.

Mitchell River:

Grassy Banks, the backwater and the Old Butter Factory have bream.
Some mullet are cruising about, bait of choice being local prawn, soft plastics and spider crab.
Perch are out and about from Shadoof Lodge to the highway bridge on lures.

Tambo River:

From Sandys Bluff up past Punt House Point and towards the three gums are likely spots for bream. The best of the baits appears to be local prawn.


Sizeable bream have been taken from the highway bridge and right through to the Strait Six they are taking local prawn.


Chinamans Creek, Bancroft Bay and the Marina are good for bream, chasing local prawn. Some luderick are also roaming about, taking local weed as preferred bait.
The town jetties are also worth a visit.


McMillans Straits, town and Slipway jetties are producing bream, taking local prawn.
The surf beach is producing salmon and tailor on poppers and pilchard even though it is a bit patchy.

Hollands Landing:

Blonde Bay towards Storm Point and across to the White Cliffs Jetty, bream are chasing local prawn. The Marina Jetty is also worth a try.


For the keen and brave, rug up well and having done that, salmon are being taken on poppers and pilchard.
Although the weather is inclement, the rivers and lakes are still producing bream and luderick on prawn, weed and worm.
Perch have taken a preference to snaggy areas to ambush the prawns.
The Brodribb River is worth a look for mullet, best baits being worm and prawn.

Bemm River:

The entrance is still open, just.
Surf beach is producing 3kg salmon on popper and pilchard.
The lake has bream, which are targeting local prawn and worm.
Trevally and flathead have taken a preference to plastics.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds from Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

It was good to see plenty of people out taking advantage of the fine weather over the long weekend and although there weren’t all that many fishing I had some good reports.
There were a lot more people fishing off the land over the last week with many already putting their boats away for the winter.
From the surf beaches it was mostly smaller salmon but I have seen a dozen or so over the last week that have gone over 1kg.
Although most are small from the beach those being caught from the boats offshore or in the channels near the entrances are quality fish and some as big as 3kg so it will only be a matter of time before they start to come closer to the beaches for the land based fishermen.
The run in tide has been the best, especially those few evenings when the tide was close to dark.
The best of the salmon from the land came from the Back Beach at San Remo and from the shallower of the surf beaches or the edge of the gutters by those using lures.
The best of the lures have been the smaller ones around 25g to 40g and with some white in it.
The best of the bait has been bluebait and surf poppers are a must as there are plenty of crabs around stealing bait.
The boats have been the same with the bigger fish being caught on lures.
There were several flathead reported over the weekend from the land, mostly from the jetties and 80 per cent were undersized but it is a good sign that they are around.
Those caught from the jetties that were size didn’t go much over 40cm but over the minimum size never the less and big enough for a meal.
There was no real pattern to the best time for the flathead and the reports were very random.
Some better flathead reports came from the beaches in Cleeland Bight and at Ventnor and most were caught on the last of the incoming tide either end of the day.
Squid and bluebait was the best of the baits but several were also caught on soft plastics.
I even had a report from a customer in Cleeland Bight throwing metal lures for salmon.
The whiting reports were good early in the week but as the tides slowed down towards the weekend so did the reports.
Although the numbers slowed down a bit the quality of the whiting remained and those who managed half a dozen fish were happy with their catch.
It wasn’t so much about the length of the whiting but the condition of them as most were still around the mid 30cm.
The usual spots produced whiting and it was a case of just keep looking and eventually you will find them.
The few that were able to chase the whiting early in the week easily got double figures especially in Dickies Bay.
The best whiting for the week came from Cleeland Bight where several 40cm ones were reported.
One complaint I had from almost every one chasing whiting this week was the amount of toadies and leatherjackets that were around.
Perseverance does pay but it tests the patience as they are almost in plague proportions at times and when they finally disappear the seal turns up making it difficult to get anything to the boat.
The odd whiting was reported from land based but that’s not to say there weren’t many caught, just those who do catch them from the land keep it very much to themselves.
The few I had reported came from the jetty at Newhaven, the beach near the Boys Home and The Rocks at Sunderland Bay.
I do know there were more caught but not sure where they came from as the customers were reluctant to say.
Calamari reports are just getting better and better at the moment with some excellent reports from both the land and the boats this week.
The San Remo Jetty is normally best at the change of light but as one person found out over the weekend, just being there is probably the most important thing and fishing in the middle of the afternoon managed nine good sized calamari.
There were plenty of calamari caught during the more traditional times of early morning or late evening; the hardest thing has been to work out what colour jig you should be using as there is absolutely no pattern to it.
There are several good reports from the beach at Woolamai and Ventnor and even a couple from the Cowes Jetty, mostly on baited jigs with the last of the run in the best time.
Again this week a couple of reports came from the Newhaven Jetty.
Cleeland Bight was the best spot in the boats with a mixture of baited and artificial.
Several reports came from Dickies Bay from those chasing whiting and having a jig out the back but I didn’t hear from anybody heading up there to actually target them which might be worth the effort especially around Reef Island.