tightlines-17Winners in last Sunday’s Wonthaggi Angling Club competition were Josh Rhodes, Alan Bentick, Jenny Feanke and Sean Thompson.

by King George

Many anglers have expressed surprise at what has been called an “Indian Summer” but old timers just smile and enjoy it while the good weather continues. They know what is on the way.

Over the weekend there were quite good reports of bream being caught on a variety of presentations.
The fish have been to the 1.5kg mark and among the lucky anglers was Simon Poole a local Wonthaggi legend who decided to take out son Bailey and Josh Skate to a hot spot.
As it turned out they managed a very impressive bag of bream and kept only what they needed with the rest being returned to the water to swim and fight another day.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday where fish of the month was perch.
The weigh-in was held at the clubrooms as usual with 34 members and visitors attending who were thanked by president Peter Clarke. The day was sponsored by Taranto Glass and Screens.
The winner of the senior male section was Sean Thompson with a very nice size perch that weighed in at .995kg for 3820 points.
Jenny Frankie was the winner of the senior female section with a185gm whiting for 518 points.
Josh Rhodes won the winner of the junior male section with an 80gm tommy rough herring for 96 points.
Alan Bentick was the winner of the veteran’s section with a 480gm whiting for 1344 points.
The next competition will be Sunday, July 20 where mullet will be fish of the month.


There have not been any reports from the surf beaches but no doubt the fish are there just that the calm conditions have put off the land-based anglers.
No doubt the waves will arrive with a vengeance and we will all be complaining about the wind once again.
Tony Ranging was one of the exceptions when he decided to try his luck on a calm sunny morning looking for a salmon or whatever came along.
He said he tried at Wreck Beach and almost immediately hooked into and landed a very nice size flathead that was around the 1kg mark.
Shortly afterwards there was another enquiry and after a battle he had a similar size salmon which indicated to him that this was not a fluke.
Shortly after this there was yet another enquiry that turned out to be another quality salmon.


The good weather has seen plenty of boaters and land based anglers trying their luck.
Ben Henderson and a couple of mates decided to try near the entrance on the run out tide over the weekend looking for whatever might come along.
They didn’t have to wait long before a school of mullet came along and in short time had all they wanted.
Ben contacted King George as to how they should be prepared for the table.
He said that the intention was to freeze them for a later date but was informed that this wouldn’t be a very good idea as they lose virtually all their flavour – he was advised to fillet them and make sure all the black stomach lining was removed as this gives the fish an awfully bitter flavour.
The fish they caught were fairly good size being around the 35cm mark which put up a very good fight as soon as they are hooked.
They also caught a few reasonable size flathead that made for a very good bag and was advised that these should also be filleted and skin removed for best results.

Shallow Inlet:

The traditional numbers of quality salmon have turned up as expected.
Bill Reynolds says salmon and silvers are in very good numbers but it seems that not many boats have been taking advantage of the situation.
The fish will no doubt stick around for a while yet and as well the numbers are swelled by plenty of tailor, big flathead, coutta and pike.
Bill says a visit to this part of the world should be well worthwhile.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boatshed is that there have been some good results recently with salmon being caught in good numbers along with gummies outside the entrance as well as flathead.
There was a fair bit expected the following week but as it turned out, even with the weather being perfect, there was not a single report and no boat sighting.

Port Albert:

Information from the local general store is that there have been many visitors in the area and the fishing has been making the trip worthwhile.
Although the whiting have been a bit on the scarce side there have been good numbers of flathead, silvers, salmon and coutta making up impressive bags.
There continues to be big coutta caught around the jetties, taking just about anything thrown into the water.


On Friday, Jason Andrew and Daniel Neale fished outside Port Phillip Heads in 35 metres of water hoping for a decent gummy shark or two, but first order of the day was to catch some fresh bait.

Luckily there were plenty of good size slimy mackerel along with barracouta and yellowtail scad on offer, all of which filled the bill nicely.

So, with a good supply of fresh bait, it was no surprise when Jason’s rod buckled over, his reel singing to the tune of a 16kg gummy shark.
Daniel’s rod was next to wrap over; a bigger fish this time that came into view after 20 minutes or so, but – as is sometimes the case – the trace parted and that was that.
Thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lakes Entrance:

Flathead and leatherjacket are on the move and chasing prawn and pilchard baits around Frazer Island.
There are plenty of bream, mullet and trevally being caught on local prawn, glassies and whitebait.
There have been a few mullet being caught off the surf on poppers and pilchards.
Off the six mile reef there have been good numbers of snapper being caught as well as morwong and coutta that are taking pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers:

The Nowa Nowa Arm is producing bream that are being bagged on lures around structures and snags.
The Trident Arm and up to the Devils Hole has also been worth a try where bream, gar fish and flathead have been caught with worm and local prawns being the best of the baits.

Mitchell River:

The Cut and backwaters have been productive where bream have been caught with the best baits being cut crab.
Shadoof Lodge to the highway bridge has also been worth a try; here bream and perch are being caught in good numbers with prawn, crab lures and soft plastic lures doing the job.

Tambo River:

Reynolds Road and down towards the mouth has been good as far as bream are concerned where they are to the 1kg mark.
Sardine Flats area is also worth a try where local prawn seems to be the best bait.


Good size bream are being caught between the two bridges on local prawn.
The car bodies and the cliffs areas are also worth a try.


The town jetties and boardwalk are good spots as far as bream are concerned that are taking local and Queensland prawn.
There have been reports of luderick being caught around Frazer Island taking local weed.
There have been a few whiting on pipis around the marina jetty.


Newlands Arm and the sunset arm are worth a look for bream, mullet, perch and gar fish.
The best results have been from peeled prawn and worm.
McMillan Straits and the boat ramps seem to be worth a try.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds from Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

There were plenty of people around over the long weekend but there has been a mass evacuation since and nowhere as many people were out fishing this week, even over the weekend where the conditions were very good especially Saturday.
However that doesn’t mean there weren’t any fish caught as those who were fishing reported some good fish.

In the boats the whiting reports were slightly better this week as we had a bit more movement in the tides unlike the dead tides of the long weekend.
The numbers weren’t big, the quality was excellent as you would expect for this time of the year.
A couple of reports came from in Cleeland Bight but most were from the top end toward Reef Island, Maggie Shoal and back to Dickies Bay.
The leather jackets and the toadies were a pain in the neck again but nowhere as annoying as the seal that has taken up residence in the area at the moment.
I know there is a place in the food chain for the seals but they would have to be one of the cruellest of the animals in the sea as they kill far more fish than they eat and just seem to do it for fun.
Unfortunately there is no real way of getting away from it especially if you are the only boat there; at least with a few boats he has a choice.
The reports came from the whole area and depths with no one spot standing out more than the other.
There have been several salmon and couta being caught in the main channel and the best way is to simply trawl a couple of metal lures behind the boat up and down the channel.
Both the salmon and the couta have been on the small side in the channel but when you do get on to them you can get as many as you want as the schools are reasonably large.
I had a couple of reasonable sized flathead reported from a customer that has been finding his whiting a bit deeper towards the channel.
There are plenty of draftboard sharks showing up as the water cools down and they are being followed by plenty of stingrays.
If you are fishing in the channels try, and fish a bit shallower or even some of the deeper holes around the bay instead of sitting in a channel to avoid the sharks and rays.

Most of the land based reports have been of salmon lately, which is standard for this time of the year and I would expect to see a few of the bigger ones showing up soon.
For those who enjoy eating salmon, and there are plenty that do this time of the year, this is the best time to chase them as the ones under the 1kg are the best for eating.
Both beaches at Woolamai have produced fish this week with either baits or lures working.
The best time was when the swell picked up a bit as there weren’t many reports from those days when it was flat.
Those with lures caught their salmon on the shallower or the deeper gutters whereas those with baits were more successful fishing in the gutters and holes.
The tides were wrong for the rock wall at San Remo but later in the week and over the weekend they will be perfect and I will expect several reports of salmon and flathead.
If you are going to target this area, try walking the length of the wall casting metal lures, something with a bit of white in it.
Calamari are the only other catch worth a mention although this week has been very frustrating for those chasing them.
Several complaints came from those fishing on the san Remo Jetty where several times this week the calamari just would swim up to the jig look at it and keep swimming and it didn’t matter what colour, size or type of jig you threw at them they just weren’t interested.
Despite those days, the other good days made up for it and some good numbers were reported from most of the usual spots.
The sizes this week were all over the place and I saw calamari from as small as the jig and some that would have nudged 1.5kg.
As well as the size being mixed this week so was the times they were being caught and morning and evening was only marginally better than any other hour in the day.