tightlines-2462014Wonthaggi angler Nick Richards caught some very nice salmon at Anderson Inlet on surface lures last week.

By King George


There have been numerous reports of the annual influx of salmon that arrive in huge numbers at Anderson Inlet at this time of year.
Nick Richards was there last Sunday when they turned up at Pensioners Corner and he was quickly into the torpedo fish that weighed up to the very impressive 5kg mark and took a variety of surface lures.
Nick said that the news quickly spread and in very short time he said that there were no less than 40 land-based anglers trying their luck with plenty of fish for everyone.
There is no reason why the salmon won’t hang around for quite some time as they do each year and while they do there will be great fishing for everyone.
At around this time of the year they turn up in large numbers and to the 4kg mark which will really test gear and the skills of anglers with many fish breaking free to swim and fight another day.
John Taylor is a newcomer to Wonthaggi, who loves playing lawn bowls as well as improving his other love being fishing.
Just before this report he contacted King George with a report of salmon that suddenly turned up out of nowhere – much to the delight of those anglers and visitors who were fortunate enough to be present and witness the event.
John said he had not seen salmon in these numbers before but unfortunately all he could do was watch but that was something in itself.
The Inverloch jetty has had plenty of boaters taking advantage of the excellent conditions as well as land based anglers fishing from the structure.
Among them were visitors from Melbourne who were staying at a local house for a few days.
They weren’t all that fussy with what they caught but had a few very worthwhile flathead to the 1kg mark and they were happy, happy enough to come back and do it all again.
Further down towards the bathing boxes the fishing is also very productive with salmon being the main catch, but there has also been a good mixture of flathead, mullet, silvers and the occasional gummy shark making up impressive bags.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage indicates the big numbers of salmon have yet to arrive as they have at Anderson Inlet.
There has however been a few salmon being bagged, but one reason could be that there are few reports could be that there has not been much traffic on the water in that area.

Corio Bay:

Early last week, Murray Scott, Scott Teasdale and Darcy Scott, were sounding along the eastern side of the old City Channel off Western Beach when they picked up a promising signal and put out their lines.
Waiting patiently until around 7pm they were rewarded with a fish of about 3kg.
There was a long wait for the next fish, which was much bigger at around 6kg, which was followed by another of similar size.
Finally, at about 10.30pm, they boated their biggest fish for the night at 7kg.
Baits used were squid and pilchard.
With a garfish drought over the warmer months in Corio Bay, it’s good to see them making an appearance.
Among those to catch them was Alex Andjelkovic, who bagged some beauties from the Makey Street Rocks at North Geelong last week. Thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lakes Entrance:

The footbridge has large trevally taking pilchards under a float.
The town jetties have good numbers of bream and luderick taking local weed and prawn.
Offshore at the six mile reef there have been good numbers of pinkies and coutta being caught on pilchards and squid.

Lake Tyers:

Good numbers of bream are being caught at fisherman’s landing and at Number 2 boat ramp, soft plastics are doing the job.
With all the rainfall the water levels are making the water cloudy, forcing the fish down the lake.

Mitchell River:

Bream are around Eagle Point with best results being on local prawn.
Good numbers of perch are being caught around the highway bridge to the Wy Yung bridge taking spinners sand hard bodied lures.

Tambo Rivers:

It seems that the bream are heading down towards the mouth with best bait being prawns.


Flathead and bream are being caught upstream from the highway bridge and towards the car bodies and into the Straight Six.
The best bait seems to be local prawn and soft plastics for flathead.


Good size bream have been caught in Chinamans Creek on local prawn with no sinker.
The town jetties and marina have been good for luderick being caught on local weed.


Structures around the strait and jetties have been good for luderick on local weed.
The recent heavy rain has forced bream to move down into the lakes and they are being caught on prawns.

Hollands Landing:

From Jones Landing to the woodpile seem to be the best places for bream that are taking prawns and pipis with the afternoon being the best time to try your luck.
Mulloway are taking live mullet at night in the deeper water.


With all the fresh muddy water the bream are moving downstream towards the islands and taking local prawns.
Perch are taking hard bodied lures and the surf has been good for salmon and tailor, taking pilchards and poppers.

Bemm River:

Although the entrance is open the water is quite muddy but should clear quickly.

Tamboon Inlet:

Unfortunately there has been no report from this area.


Up past the top lake and into the Wyallagaraugh and Genoa Rivers there have been good reports of bream.
The fish are to the 800gm mark with metal lures have been the best of the presentations.
Captains Point and the main wharf have been good for luderick on local weed.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds from Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

Fishing overall was a bit slow this week but there were some good patches and a couple of good bags of fish back at the ramp.
Whiting reports were all over the place and there was more luck than normal involved.
For no reason at all some were doing far better than the boat beside them and one area better than the other on different days.
Reports of better quantity this week came from around the Bass River but surprisingly there were a lot of small and even undersize ones amongst them.
There were some less numbers but better whiting caught around Maggie Shoal and back to Dickies Bay.
Cleeland Bight was OK as one customer reported providing you didn’t mind only catching one fish each time you changed position.
Although he had to make several moves for a dozen fish when the smallest was 38cm, as he said he wasn’t complaining too much.
I had a couple of reports from my land based customers of good whiting with one customer getting into double figures. As for where they were caught I have no idea as the best I get is it is their secret whiting spot so if you have an area you target whiting from the land might be worth a look after this bit of bad weather.
Pipis the best bait as usual but plenty of reports from those using blue bait or pilchard fillet.

Calamari reports continued this week and each year just seems to get better as it becomes a true all year round fishery.
The jetty at San Remo was as good as anywhere and seemed to be back to the normal early morning and late evening being the better time.
Reports also came from the usual beaches at Ventnor and Cleeland Bight and the boaters reported them from Cleeland Bight, Dickies Bay and Reef Island.
It’s a bit of a 50/50 with baited and artificial jigs at the moment from both boats and land.
There was a lot of fine weed around towards the end of the week which made things difficult but fishing the right time of the tide helped, otherwise it was just a matter of perseverance.
I didn’t see too many big calamari this week or many of the very small ones, just good bait or eating size.

Salmon continued this week and I had some reasonable reports with one real standout from a customer fishing at Inverloch using a lure from the beach managing a dozen good size fish.
Several other reports came from customers fishing the island beaches using lures but none catching more than half a dozen and smaller salmon.
As is the normal this time of the year and for the next couple of months, reports of salmon come from almost everywhere someone is fishing along the coast and in the bay.

Although we are well into winter and what is considered the off season for fishing it will only be a blink of an eye and it will be September and the snapper will start to show up again and the rest will follow.
It will also be a bit of a different year as far as the new season stock with the national trade tackle show being held in June – two months earlier than normal.
This will mean new stock will start to show up in shops earlier than normal, that means now is the time to think about upgrading. You can layby at the shop.
You don’t want it to come round to spring, read the fishing reports and suddenly remember your rod and reels need servicing. Book in now so you don’t miss out on fishing time.
San Remo traders are having a Christmas in July trading promotion and every time you spend over $25 in participating San Remo stores you go into a draw at the end of the month for a major prize valued at $250, second prize value $100 third prize a Christmas hamper as well as random spot prizes through the month.
This promotion runs from July 1 to July 31 and winners will be notified on Friday, August 8.


Queen’s Birthday fishing

THE Venus Bay Angling Club held its annual Queen’s Birthday weekend Competition, beginning at 6am on Saturday and ending at 3pm on Monday.
The weather gods provided great conditions with fine weather all weekend. As is usual for this time of year, it was mostly salmon being targeted (and caught!) on the surf.
With 27 senior members and two juniors entered, the prize winners were:
* 1st, Dale Walker, 1620 gram Salmon for 810 points
* 2nd, Phil Nebel, 1600 gram Salmon for 800 points
* 3rd, Peter Uren, 1360 gram Salmon for 680 points
No juniors weighed in scaled fish, however, prolific junior prize winner Thomas Grech took out the honours for the heaviest Elephant fish, coming in at 2080 grams. Well done Thomas!