tightlines-3-6-14Greg Wilson with his ripper Murray cod. 

Greg Wilson is a keen Wonthaggi angler and through the week he added another impressive feat to his colourful history.
With some mates and local fishermen they decided to try a new area for them – Pooncarrie. Pooncarrie is near Mildura and they went to a spot known to locals as Toms Hole.
This is a fairly rough location and not many visitors usually go anywhere near the place but Greg is always open to a challenge.
Once set up they threw out baits and waited, but not long as it turned out as in very short time there was an enquiry and the battle was on.
After a battle a very impressive Murray cod was landed that dragged the scales way down to around the 30kg mark.
They went home happy already thinking they may try their luck around Toms Hole once again!
Wonthaggi angler Trevor Teer has just returned from Merimbula looking for a fish off the beach or whatever came along.
As it turned out he didn’t have to wait all that long as he was quickly into very nice salmon that was around the 60cm mark, as well as some good size whiting and flathead that made for a tasty evening meal.


The surf has been fairly quiet in general but there have been other areas where there has been plenty of action.
Williamsons Beach has been fairly productive where salmon have been in good numbers to the 1.5kg mark.
King George received a call from Ugene Wagnow who said that he and a mate are regular visitors from Pakenham and they decided to try their luck off the beach.
They arrived as the tide was on the way in on a fine sunny day with just a slight breeze.
Not knowing what to expect they tried a variety of baits, which included pipis, squid, pilchards and marinated chicken pieces.
They waited for a while without any success until something came along and after a good fight a very nice size 1.5kg salmon was landed.
This was the dinner bell and in fairly short time they had another seven salmon in the bag that were all about the same size and took a variety of the baits.
Ugene said that there were other anglers trying their luck and it appeared that most were having some degree of success.


Even though there have been some whiting caught their numbers seem to be in decline in this area but of course that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any to be caught.
Inside the entrance, mullet are still in good numbers with regular bags to the 34cm mark being flathead, silvers and gummies that are making the effort worthwhile.
The best time seems to be on the last half of the run out tide and first of the run in flow.
The situation is much the same up as far as Pensioners Corner with an interesting observation being that the many of the gummies are on the small side.
The jetty has had plenty of land-based anglers trying their luck with many having to settle for a bag of crabs.
Every so, often a school of salmon or mullet will come along and the action is fast and furious while they are around, but when they move on things go quiet again until the next arrival.
When the fish do arrive they will take just about anything that is presented and of course as we all know it is a waiting game.
The boat ramp at Mahers Landing is worth a look where boaters and land based anglers are still doing reasonably well with salmon and mullet making up most bags.
There have been a few coutta a bit further up near the markers and in the vicinity of the Double Islands there has been a fairly good quality fish, which include pinkies, pike and for those who know where to look, perch.
Out in front of the A Frame house there have been quite good bags of silvers, salmon and mullet being caught on both sides of the tide.

Port Welshpool:

Through the week there have been good reports as far as salmon have been concerned.
Henry Jackson and a few mates decided to try their luck as they do whenever they get a chance.
They headed outside the entrance early in the week looking for whatever might come along and out wide came across a few schools of salmon that were breaking the surface.
In fairly short time they caught far more than what they needed and only kept what they wanted.
Henry’s mate Bill Thomas estimated that they would have caught around the 100 fish and said that they were ferocious when hooked up.
He said the fish were around the 1.5 kg mark and took the baits with such ferocity that some of the lures were smashed, which is extra surprising since salmon don’t have teeth!
Outside the have been quite good numbers of gummies being bagged on squid, pilchards and fish fillets.
Although there have not been big numbers of whiting being caught, those that have been bagged are in the Lewis Channel on the run out tide.
The jetty has been fair with salmon, silvers, mullet and flathead making up reasonable bags and should stick around for a while yet as long as the conditions hold out.

Lakes Entrance:

Reeves Channel up past Kalimna Jetty is producing flathead, salmon and leather jacket – best bait prawn.
The town jetties are worth a try with garfish taking worm.
The surf has salmon on poppers and pilchard.
Six mile reef is still providing good fish.

Lake Tyers:

The Hobie kayak anglers fishing competition on the weekend resulted in 200 bream being caught on a catch and release basis.
The main lake is the best spot using lures.
Flathead and bream are in both arms taking prawn.
Salmon are off the beach on poppers and pilchard.

Mitchell River:

Eagle Point and down to Shadoof Lodge as well as the back waters have bream taking local prawn, spider crabs and soft plastics.
The highway bridge has perch taking green diving lures.

Tambo River:

Bennetts Brook down to rough road and towards Punt House Point seem to be good places to try for bream, best bait being local prawn.


From the railway bridge and up to the poplars are good spots for bream, bait of choice being local prawn.


From the boardwalk up to Shaving Point and into Lake King is good for flathead and bream on local prawn.
Luderick are being taken on green weed from the town jetty.


The town jetties have a variety of fish, trevally, bream and luderick taking local prawn and weed.
The King Street boat ramp is also worth a try.

Hollands Landing:

The mouth of the straits and heading down to the wood pile is good for bream on prawn and pipis.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 5672 3474 or snafu1@dcsi.net.au. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds from Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

SOME good weather again this week and plenty of people out fishing which, no matter what time of the year it is, usually means more reports coming in.
I had some good reports both from the land and from the boats and despite the usual rubbish this time of the year, there was plenty taken home for the table.
Draughtboard sharks, leather jackets, Port Jacksons, wrasse and toadies weren’t all that difficult to find and seemed to be everywhere but there were some very good fish in between them.
You could be forgiven for thinking that it is the start of September or October with the weather but also with the reports that are coming in.
Snapper reports have been what you would expect to see early season, fish bigger than school fish and a good fight.
I saw or had sent to me photos of about a dozen snapper this week weighing between 5kg and 9kg.
Many of the larger ones were returned to the water but there were also several smaller table size ones caught and taken home for tea.
With the exception of a couple of the snapper, all the bigger fish were caught around the Spit Point Temby Point area.
The smaller pinkies came from around the bay but weren’t in big numbers and most only managed one or two.
Squid was the best of the baits for the snapper followed by pilchard and fresh salmon fillet also worked on the bigger fish; change of the high tide was the best.
With the tides mid-week there were some good reports of whiting from those taking the boat out after work fishing till just after dark.
There were a few reports from during the day but they were nowhere as good as those caught late in the evening.
The best area of an evening was the top end around Dickies Bay and Bass River while during the day areas like the Top Light and down in Cleeland Bight.
Although the quality was better in the evening, even the whiting caught during the day was very good and the condition of fish you would expect to see this time of the year.
Most of the photos I saw were of whiting around the mid 30cms but I did have one photo sent to me of four whiting that were between 49cm and 51cm caught from the Corinella area the customer said.
Leather jackets and toadies drove you mad in Dickies Bay and there was nowhere to go to get away from them.
One customer told me he moved several times and eventually found a spot where they weren’t, the only problem was they then lost four fish to a seal.
Burley seemed to be the enemy with those more successful on the whiting still catching a few toadies but not as many.
The best place to get away from the toadies was below the bridge in Dickies Bay, problem was there were more rays and draughtboards.
It is that time of the year where you will catch more of those unwanted fish but it’s also the time of the year when the quality of the keeping fish are better.
Good catches of calamari during the week especially over the weekend in Cleeland Bight from the boats.
The reports came from the area between the moorings and the corner near the Sand Hill and were about half and half with baited and artificial jigs.
There were several reports from around Reef Island and down into Dickies Bay mostly on artificial jigs.
The jetty at San Remo was the best of the land based areas with tide changes the best time rather than the change of light.
Colour was anybody’s guess with several different ones working.
The size this week was very mixed with some as small as the jig itself and others close to the 2kg mark but almost everybody told me they seemed to be more aggressive than they have been over the last few weeks.
I had another couple of reports from Newhaven Jetty this week and was a toss-up between Cleeland Bight Beach and Ventnor Beach as to the best.