very-much-accreditedRe Tuesday, June 17, page 25, South Gippsland Shire News, article ‘Waiting for accreditation’.
I refer to the above article that appeared in the Sentinel-Times and the following excerpt report from the last council meeting which states:
“Council delayed its decision on the future of Coal Creek Community Park and Museum… organisation is soon to know if its application [for accreditation] with Museums Victoria is successful… accreditation could provide a body of knowledge for the shire’s three museums – Foster… independent of Council…”
Foster & District Historical Museum was granted accreditation by Museums Australia (Vic) 20 years ago; the accreditation has been renewed every five to eight years since. It was one of the first country museums in Victoria to be granted accreditation and this was to the exacting standards of city museums with no leeway for lack of money etc.
Foster became the blueprint for the way all future Victorian country museums should be considered and accredited. In fact, several years ago, Foster & District Historical Society Inc. (FDHS Inc.) supported and advised Coal Creek on requirements, policies and setting up the accreditation application.
Foster & District Museum is also a designated Place of Deposit (POD) appointed by the Public Records Office of Victoria.
To be accredited by the State Government in this way, the Society has to meet another set of stringent requirements.
The FDHS Inc. Committee works exceedingly hard to maintain the museum according to both the Museums Australia (Vic) accreditation and the Public Records Office of Victoria standards.
It is therefore entirely incorrect and inappropriate to suggest that Coal Creek’s accreditation could ‘provide a body of knowledge’ to Foster & District Museum!
An incorporated, voluntary-run, not-for-profit and financially sound organisation, Foster owns, manages and maintains all the buildings in the museum complex.
Whilst we are financially independent of the council, we work collaboratively with the South Gippsland Shire and the museums within the shire’s boundaries, including Coal Creek, and also with the Gippsland Historical Societies to promote the heritage of the area.
Jennifer Jones, president, Foster & District Historical Society Inc,