volleyball-rules-on-long-weekendNic Ryan concentrates as he prepares to hit the ball down into the midcourt during the Men’s Division 1 game against Bendigo on Saturday in the Victorian Country Volleyball Championships. D422314.

TWELVE months of planning and preparation culminated in praise being heaped upon the Korumburra Volleyball Association for its organisation of the Victorian Country Volleyball Championships over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
Well over 300 people attended the full weekend of games in Leongatha and Meeniyan, which were split between SG Splash, Mary MacKillop College and the Meeniyan stadium.
Twelve different associations from around Victoria attended with 28 teams, which included 169 registered players, 20 coaches, family cheer squads and other interested onlookers.
Businesses in both towns reported a huge influx of visitors, full accommodation bookings and an excellent weekend in what is traditionally a quiet time of year.
“Usually the country champs are held on the other side of the city, so we’re rapt that so many teams have come to this competition,” Korumburra Volleyball president Russell Brown said.
“We’re a small association so it’s been a lot of work, but it was great to go around the towns and see all the accommodation booked out,” agreed chair of the organising committee, Tom Saario.
“Everyone, from the motels to eateries all reported an excellent weekend and participants estimated they spent about $500 each over the weekend, so it’s a great event for the towns as well.”
While the South Gippsland and Korumburra teams did not feature in the grand final play-offs, the association was very pleased with the skills on display.
“We had five teams from the Korumburra Volleyball Association, which is a huge achievement,” said competition manager Adele Prescott.
“The focus for us was on encouraging more people to play in the championships, and many did for the first time, and to have fun and develop their skills.”
Overall, Ms Prescott said the teams were evenly balanced with games going to five sets in an exhausting display of skill and determination, especially in the women’s competition.
A stand out player for South Gippsland was Jan Fletcher in the Women’s Division 1 competition.

Jan’s performance saw her voted in to the All Star team in Division 1 – the only Korumburra Volleyball Association member to receive the honour.


Division 1 Men

HEATS: Korumburra won two, lost five: Korumburra v Riddells Creek 25/18, 24/26, 29/31, 29/27, 15/12; Korumburra v Bendigo 13/25, 10/25, 22/25; Korumburra v Horsham 17/25, 14/25, 17/25; Korumburra v Geelong 25/23, 25/22, 25/14; Korumburra v Bairnsdale 26/24, 16/25, 19/25, 20/25; Korumburra v Sunraysia 16/25, 20/25, 18/25; Korumburra v Latrobe Valley 24/26, 26/28, 25/27.
GRAND FINAL: Bendigo defeated Horsham, three sets to love: 26/24, 25/23, 25/21.
FINAL LADDER: Bendigo, Horsham, Sunraysia, Latrobe, Bairnsdale, Korumburra, Riddells Creek, Geelong.

Division 2 Men

HEATS: Korumburra won one, lost four: Korumburra v Latrobe Valley 14/25, 12/25, 21/25; Korumburra v South West Pirates 19/25, 16/25, 15/25; Korumburra v Ballarat 19/25, 11/25, 10/25; Korumburra v West Gippsland 21/25, 21/25, 25/19, 29/27, 11/15; Korumburra v Horsham 26/24, 18/25, 21/25, 25/22, 15/3.
GRAND FINAL: Ballarat defeated Latrobe, three sets to love: 25/19, 25/22, 25/21.
FINAL LADDER: Ballarat, Latrobe, South West Pirates, West Gippsland, Korumburra, Horsham.

Division 1 Women

HEATS: Korumburra won one, lost four: Korumburra v Bairnsdale 15/25, 22/25, 26/24, 17/25; Korumburra v Bendigo 25/12, 25/21, 21/25, 16/25, 13/15; Korumburra v South Gippsland 25/13, 25/19, 21/25, 25/20; Korumburra v Latrobe Valley 18/25, 22/25, 25/23, 21/25; Korumburra v Horsham 20/25, 25/27, 22/25.
South Gippsland lost five: South Gippsland v Latrobe 17/25, 18/25, 13/25; South Gippsland v Horsham 24/26, 22/25, 20/25; South Gippsland v Korumburra 13/25, 19/25, 25/21, 20/25; South Gippsland v Bendigo 14/25, 22/25, 10/25; South Gippsland v Bairnsdale 11/25, 22/25, 17/25.
GRAND FINAL: Horsham defeated Latrobe, three sets to one: 17/25, 25/19, 25/23, 25/21.
FINAL LADDER: Horsham, Latrobe, Bendigo, Bairnsdale, Korumburra, South Gippsland.

Division 2 Women

HEATS: Korumburra won two, lost four: Korumburra v Bellarine 14/25, 16/25, 18/25; Korumburra v Latrobe Valley 20/25, 21/25, 13/25; Korumburra v Horsham 25/20, 25/18, 23/25, 25/23; Korumburra v South West Pirates 25/14, 25/15, 22/25, 25/19; Korumburra v Wimmera 25/22, 26/24, 21/25, 25/19; Korumburra v Horsham 25/18, 25/20, 25/18.
GRAND FINAL: Bellarine defeated Sunraysia, three sets to two: 15/25, 25/19, 19/25, 25/12, 15/13.
FINAL LADDER: Bellarine, Sunraysia, Latrobe, South West Pirates, Latrobe Valley, Wimmera, Korumburra, Horsham.