anderson-ward-updateSince my last report, activities continue at pace.
Many in our community would have seen now that council has advertised a tender for the next stage of the works on the ‘Path to Somewhere’.
This will be a wonderful asset to our community so I urge residents to be patient until it is complete.
Some criticism has been directed at council over the railings on parts of the path.
As has been reported elsewhere, the safety rails are a mandatory requirement of VicRoads and, as the path runs in a VicRoads road reserve, we are obligated to comply with requirements.
In addition, the erosion that has occurred will be repaired as part of the original contract.
I have set up a number of ‘clinics’ so that there is an informal mechanism for members of the community to come and discuss with me issues that affect them.
So far, clinics have been set up for:
* 1pm to 1.30 pm on July31 at Hicksborough Store, 156-182 Bass Highway, North Wonthaggi;
* 9am to 12pm on August 7 at IGA, Newhaven 8-10 Forrest Avenue;
* 1pm to 3.30pm on August 14 at Hicksborough Store; and
* 9am to 12pm on August 21 at IGA Newhaven.
Please drop in and let me know about issues that you’d like to discuss. Alternatively, drop in and say ‘hi’. For those who come and have a chat, you’ll get a plant.
The C82 Amendment continues to generate concerns in our community in respect of reference to a Panel.
The simple fact is, as our new CEO has stated, the proposed amendment is not bypassing council as we will consider submissions at our July meeting.
The decisions we make at that meeting will form the basis of a submission to the Planning Panel.
I have been closely following the Stand Alone community activities and spoke about this matter at our June council meeting.
I’d really urge everyone to stand together and work to the benefit of all members of our community.
Cr Bradley Drew, San Remo