editors letterBASS Coast Shire Council has copped a caning in the annual community satisfaction survey, ranking well below other similar-sized councils in almost every category.
While Bass Coast’s approval rating headed south, South Gippsland’s rating remained stagnant among the 400 residents and ratepayers who were surveyed.
Both councils, however, seem to have worn some serious flak for problems not of their own doing.
Survey respondents were most critical of the condition of sealed roads in both municipalities, yet the worst of these are undoubtedly the highways and arterial roads which are the responsibility of
VicRoads and the State Government.
Both councils have gone to great lengths to correct the misconception; South Gippsland Shire Council even conducted a roads survey that highlighted who was responsible for each pothole.
The results of this have just been released.
The vast majority of problem spots were on VicRoads’ roads, while the rest were identified and quickly addressed thanks to a revamped roads maintenance program that admittedly, costs ratepayers more.
Bass Coast’s local roads are also largely OK in comparison to state roads, even Kallay Drive in Pioneer Bay which was controversially ripped up and returned to gravel a few weeks back.
So while the satisfaction survey provides ratepayers and residents with an opportunity to rate the performance of their councils, at least in this area, the results may have been skewed by the performance of state governments, both past and present.