roads-a-joke-lettersOur Police and Transport Ministers must seriously do something about the state of the road network in South Gippsland.
Having been the Officer in Charge of both the Leongatha Police Station and the Bass Coast Highway Patrol for 20 years, I know these roads well and never have I seen them in such poor and dangerous condition as what they have been in recent years.
In the past week, we experienced our real first wet spell for the year. After a return trip to Melbourne, I was disgusted to see that the condition of the South Gippsland Highway, between Ruby and Loch, had rapidly deteriorated during this period.
Whilst I appreciate that some money is being spent, I question whether or not long term solutions are being sought.
Simply filling holes with a shovel full of bitumen is not good enough. This practice is not effective and the fix is short lived.
Causation factors need to be identified and addressed. It is the same sections of road (ie South Gippsland Highhway near Potter Road and the perennial potholes near Loch, to name a few) that are patched but never properly repaired.
Throwing money at short term fixes is simply irresponsible and not cost effective in the longer term.
Also, as an avid motorcyclist on this road network, I am fed up with the dangerous state of all of our roads but particularly with the major arterials.
The risk to public safety due to these conditions can be menacing for all road users but the danger to any motorcyclist is very real indeed.
Recently, the first comment an interstate visitor said to me upon their arrival was about “How poor the roads are in the area”. Hardly a positive endorsement. Long term fixes are expensive but necessary.
The police and other emergency services are serious about road safety. It’s about time that the State Government showed the same commitment.
Jim Baum, Leongatha.