The letter from Noel Street in the July 15 edition reflects much of the malaise in this part of the world.
Mr Street complains that our council has “wasted” funds for the provision of a sewerage upgrade for the Newhaven Jetty Shed.
Mr Street has also stated that the building has no historic merit and asserts that it is “an eyesore” on the foreshore.
Rather than “wasting” funds, if – as Mr Street asserts – the council (as land manager and owner) will lease the property to the private sector for business purposes.
Surely Mr Street can see that council, as landlord, can’t lease a building which doesn’t have a working sewerage system.
In addition, it’s very likely that the council will recoup its expenditure through collection of rent for these premises.
If I was a landlord I would not expect my tenant to make essential capital improvements so that I could use the property for the purpose for which it was intended.
Mr Street also asserts that the property will, on completion of the selection process, be turned into a tapas bar.
If that is the case, then I believe this to be a wonderful use of this space.
It could be developed for the use of locals as well as tourists to enjoy a very special part of the world.
Rather than looking at the positives, Mr Street is – like many folk in this part of the world – looking at negatives.
Why are so many residents opposed to any sort of development which brings new ideas (and not the two dollar shops) to the region?
Why not encourage this sort of development?
Why do so many hark back to “the good old days”?
In reading the letters pages in this paper and others I sense an undercurrent of change resistance together with a sense of wanting to “protect” the Island and surrounds from others who might want to live here.
Rather than criticise everything our council does, why not embrace change and welcome those who want to make a living here in our special part of the world.
It’s not hard.
Helen M Goddard, San Remo.