PortofHastingsRe: ‘Oh Dear, sigh’, Sentinel-Times, June 24, ‘Letter’ from Peter Brown, Glen Forbes.
Again, thanks for putting your thoughts down on paper on the Hasting Port expansion issue.
Methinks that you and I could continue to amuse/bore, the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times readership with our opposing views on this matter for many an issue (Most likely the latter, going by the headline in last week’s paper). (Editor’s note: That was Mr Brown’s own heading!)
Thus, if you care to call them, I hereby give permission to the good folk at the Sentinel-Times to release my mobile number to you and this is accompanied by a standing invitation to contact me with the view to us having a coffee in Grantville at a mutually convenient time.
Or should you choose, go to the online White Pages and type in the details below and you’ll come up with my landline.
If the meeting above occurs, the next invitation from me as a committee member of Preserve Western Port (PWP) will be to attend one of the many community group speaking engagements we have lined up in the coming weeks.
There I’m sure you would also be given an opportunity to also express your “inevitable, it’s going to happen views”, which it surely will, if the ever growing number of people in Bass Coast opposed to the project just sit and do nothing.
Last but not least, as to your “free advice” as to what I should be doing about getting in touch with the “powers that be” on this matter, where would you like me to start?
Ministers Hodgett, Ryan, Asher, ie three senior Napthine Government figures and I have all exchanged correspondence and I actually met Deputy Premier Ryan, in person.
Not to mention me having the undoubted pleasure of hearing Mike Lean, the Hastings Port CEO, speak on two occasions and the “benefit” of his thoughts in the current edition of the Phillip Island Advertiser.
The former ministerial cohort doesn’t give a care about Phillip Island/Bass Coast tourism/recreational fishing (I’ll bring their letters to our coffee date).
Mike Lean makes noises about “making a business case”, but his boss, Ports Minister Hodgett, via the 2013 Victorian Freight Strategy and letters in the local papers, makes no bones that his government intends to build Hastings.
This is reinforced by his declaration of Hastings under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act, “government speak” for legislation that overrides so many other relevant Acts it’s not funny and thus severely restricts the ability of you and I to give our respective views.
Oh and by the way, mine’s a flat white, one sugar…..
Kevin Chambers, The Gurdies.