south-coast-athletics-cross-country-championshipsTom and Ed Beischer after winning the Men’s U/20 and U/18 5km events.

THE 6th annual South Coast Cross Country Club Championships, which incorporated the Leongatha Little Athletics Club Championships, were held at Mary MacKillop College, Leongatha on Sunday. Athletes travelled from Melbourne, Traralgon, Sale and the surrounding local area to compete. South Coast Athlete, Eleanor Patterson, who will be competing in the Women’s High Jump in the upcoming Commonwealth Games, was on hand to present trophies and medallions to the winners.
Results: Under 6 Boys 1km: 1st Jimmy O’Neill (Wonthaggi LAC) 4.50.03min; 2nd Jake Marotta (Wonthaggi LAC) 4.51.33min; 3rd Max Sheahan (Leongatha Club Champion) 5.00.05min; 4th Isaac Bolge (2nd Leongatha Club Champion) 5.51.04min.
Under 6 Girls 1km: 1st Amy Woolfe (Casey LAC) 5.23.84min; 2nd Tennesee Crimp (1st Leongatha Club Champion) 7.19.79min.
Under 7 Girls 1km: 1st Lydia Giles (Leongatha Club Champion) 5.04.19min; 2nd Chloe Giliam (Leongatha LAC) 5.08.01min.
Under 8 Boys 1km: 1st Xavier Bolge (Leongatha Club Champion) 4.25.88min.
Under 8 Girls 1km: 1st Paige Barry (Leongatha Club Champion) 5.32.61min; 2nd Madeline Herbert (Leongatha LAC) 6.27.53min.
Under 9 Boys 1.5km: 1st Tyler Richards (Leongatha Club Champion) 6.44.87min; 2nd Harrisen Herbert (Leongatha LAC) 6.55.80min.
Under 9 Girls 1.5km: 1st Chloe Caithness (Leongatha Club Champion) 8.04.30min; 2nd Nevada Crimp (Leongatha LAC) 8.13.29min.
Under 10 Girls 1.5km: 1st Hayley Woolfe (Casey LAC) 6.34.90min; 2nd Georgia Burns (Leongatha Club Champion) 6.40.88min; 3rd Lily Caithness (2nd Leongatha Club Championship) 7.23.33min; 4th Alex Ritchie (3rd Leongatha Club Championships) 7.45.48min; 5th Charli Burns (4th Leongatha Club Championships) 8.14.81min.
Under 11 Boys 2km: 1st Oliver Callcott (Invite) 8.22.40min; 2nd Jacob Wrigley (Leongatha Club Champion) 8.49.94min; 3rd Jack Murray (Traralgon) 9.09.54min; 4th Ryan Giliam (2nd Leongatha Club Championships) 9.12.30min; 5th Sullivan Herbert (3rd Leongatha Club Championships) 10.33.74min.
Under 11 Girls 2km: 1st Merrin Giles (Leongatha Club Champion) 10.41.54min.
Under 12 Boys 2km: 1st Alfred Herbert (Leongatha Club Champion) 8.31.14min; 2nd Angus Ritchie (Leongatha Club Championship) 9.42.20min.
Under 12 Girls 2km: 1st Hannah Giliam (Invite) 13.56.39min.
Under 13 Boys 3km: 1st Keiran Henning (Sale LAC) 11.41.27min; Equal 2nd Hunter Lipscomb (Invite) and Ben Beischer (Invite) 12.14.91min.
Under 14 Boys 3km: 1st Brodie Anderson (Wonthaggi) 11.53.56min.
South Coast U/14 Women 3km: 1st Rachel Aitken (South Coast) 16.11.54min.
South Coast U/14 Men 3km: 1st Keiran Henning (Wellington) 11.41.27min; 2nd Hunter Lipscomb and Ben Beischer (Equal South Coast Champions) 12.14.91min.
South Coast Under 16 Women 3km: 1st Imigen Langford (South Coast) 13.45.77min.
South Coast Under 16 Men 3km: 1st Brodie Anderson (South Coast) 11.53.56min.
South Coast Under 18 Men 5km: 1st Ed Beischer (South Coast) 19.17.20min.
South Coast Under 20 Men 5km: 1st Tom Beischer (Invite) 21.19.99min.
South Coast Athletics Open Men 3km: 1st Steve Munn (Invite) 23.14.42min.
South Coast Athletics Masters Men 3km: 1st Rob Gray (South Coast) 20.38.86min.
South Coast Athletics Open Women 3km: 1st Nena Caithness (Invite) 18.29.83min; 2nd Colleen Herbert (Invite) 23.13.57min; 3rd Jill Munn (Invite) 29.59.86min.
South Coast Open Women’s 6km: 1st Kylie Murray (Traralgon Harriers) 24.19.35min; 2nd Sarah Lewis (South Coast Club Champion) 27.07.20min; 3rd Natalie Giliam (Invite) 35.12.45min.
South Coast Masters Women 6km: 1st Caroline Beischer (South Coast) 27.30.65min.
South Coast Athletics Open Men 8km: 1st Dean Langford (South Cost) 33.12.37min; 2nd Justin Tilley (South Coast) 33.30.41min; 3rd Bill Barry (Invite) 36.14.09min; 4th Alfred Herbert (Invite) 40.03.53min.
South Coast Athletics Masters Men 8km: 1st Ian Twite (Traralgon Harriers) 35.06.08min; 2nd John Lipscombe (South Coast Club Champion) 40.05.92min; 3rd Dane Herbert (Invite) 41.47.35min; 4th Steve Plumb (2nd South Coast Club Championship) 44.17.11min.