tightlines-172014Wonthaggi angler Sean Thompson caught this perch from a kayak in the Bass River.

By King George

WITH the sudden drop into winter temperatures and conditions, the fishing reports have slowed down but there have been those brave souls who have ventured out.
It would be fair to say that any fish have been well and truly earned.


There have been a few land based anglers trying their luck and through the week managed a few salmon that have been to the 2kg mark.
Whitebait squid and surf poppers have been the best of the presentations and Geoff Lawrence was one of the most dedicated who caught five salmon that were around the 500gm mark and although not huge he says are best on the table.
These salmon can grow to the 4kg mark and bigger but at this size they are nothing great as far as eating is concerned as they have a bland taste and are at best used as bait for sharks and the like.
At any rate if they are going to be eaten it is important that they are bled straight away for best results and must not be frozen.


The schools of salmon continue to put smiles on the faces of land based anglers throughout the inlet.
They have been o the 4kg mark where the run in tide has been the best time to try your luck.
Pilchard strips, squid, fresh fish strips and a variety of surface lures are doing the job.
Mixed in with the salmon are mullet to the 36cm mark as well as silvers to 1kg, flathead and some small gummies.
For the benefit of those anglers not familiar with salmon they are arriving in large schools and frequently this shows up as disturbance on the water’s surface.
The same applies with mullet when they arrive in big numbers.
Again they are taking anything that fits into their mouths.
The smaller fish are great on the table and better if filleted and the stomach lining is removed.
The jetty has seen plenty of visitors and locals trying their luck but there can be a fair wait between schools arriving but when it does happen there will be smiles all round.
Stevies Gutter has been worth a visit and for those who know where to look; there have been quite good numbers of perch to the 700gm mark taking Bass yabbies, sand worms and soft plastic lures.
The runoff tide has been fairly productive where mullet, perch and whiting have been taking a variety of presentations.
One regular visitor to the area contacted King George saying how he caught a very good mixed bag of fish on the run off tide, which he put down to the fact that fish were coming off the mud bank and looking for an easy meal.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park located on the foreshore says even though the area is in the depths of winter there are still good numbers of fish being caught.
She says that at times the awful weather closed down everything but when conditions have allowed here are flathead, silvers, good size mullet and ripper salmon that descend on the area in huge schools.
The silvers and salmon will really test anglers’ skills as well as quality of tackle to the limit and a visit to the area would be worthwhile.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is that there have not been any reports from boaters or land-based anglers.
Prior to the break in the weather there had been boaters catching salmon and those land-based anglers trying their luck from the jetty.

Port Albert:

Rob Killury says there has not been a great deal of activity over the weekend as the conditions have been anything but inviting.
He runs the local general store at Port Albert and says there had been reasonable numbers of flathead and gummies being caught outside the entrance around the 20 metre mark.
The jetty had seen visitors trying their luck with a few flathead, silvers, mullet and eels being bagged but the results have not been all that excellent.

Lakes Entrance:

The town jetties are good for luderick and trevally on weed and pilchard.
Bullock Island for mackerel and barracouta.
The Post Office Jetty and the Footbridge are good for flathead, taking prawn and pilchard.
The surf for salmon on poppers and pilchard, offshore pinkies and morwong are taking pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers:

With fresh water coming into the Lake it’s bringing the fish down towards Trident Arm and Mud Island.
Toorloo Arm for bream using lures.
The surf is producing good numbers of salmon.

Mitchell River:

The Highway Bridge and the Backwaters has been good for perch, mullet and bream, best baits are worm and peeled prawn.
From Grassy Banks and through to Foster Point for bream, taking soft shell spider crab and worm.

Tambo River:

With fresh water coming down the river, fish are moving towards the mouth.
Try Clues Bluff, Three Gums and towards the mouth for bream, mullet and the odd tailor.


From the reeds, between the two bridges and down towards Pear Tree and the Swimming Hole is good for bream and mullet.


Bream and Pinkies are taking bloodworms and peeled prawn around Box’s Creek and Chinamans Creek.
The Rock Wall and Metung Wharf is good for mullet and trevally.
Best baits are spider crab, worm and peeled prawn.


Bream are about Banksia Peninsula and Duck Arm.
Bait of choice is peeled prawn.
The Straights and structures for trevally, mullet, bream and garfish using small bait under a float, other baits to try are peeled prawn and worm.

Hollands Landing:

From Bull Bay towards Red Bluff and Storm Point, bream have been caught in good numbers and taking white bait and peeled prawn.


Bream are at the back water, French’s Narrows, Lakes Corringle and the slips where the best bait has been worm and peeled prawn.
Surf beaches have been good for salmon and tailor on poppers, pilchard and blue bait.
Offshore has been great for gummies and schooling salmon, taking pilchard and squid.

Bemm River:

Bream are in the Sydenham Inlet chasing peeled prawn.
Some good size salmon are on the surf beach, taking poppers and pilchard.

Tamboon Inlet:

From the Island and down towards Pelican Point and Peter’s Rock there have been good numbers of bream taking luderick and some mullet.
Best baits are worm and peeled prawn.
The surf beach has been producing salmon taking poppers and pilchard.


Offshore a large thresher shark was landed while kingfish are out and about.
The bream competition was held last Saturday and Sunday where 702 were weighed in.
Flathead, bream and luderick are around Captains Wharf, the Fisheries Wharf and towards the entrance.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.