tightlines-2272014Frank Sykes with a nice salmon caught at Pensioners Corner, Inverloch.

By King George

The beaches around South Gippsland are still giving up good numbers of salmon with large schools showing up on the surface.
Many fish are being caught on a variety of surface lures and as well as the torpedo fish there are quite reasonable numbers of flathead, tommy roughs and gummies being bagged.
All the mentioned fish are being caught on natural baits such as whitebait, pilchard and fresh fillets.
Flathead have also been caught on a variety of soft plastic lures.


The jetty has had plenty of land-based anglers trying their luck where mullet and salmon dominate most bags.
The best time has been on the run in tide with white bait, silver fish and small strips of fresh fish fillets doing the job.
Visiting angler from Morwell, George Williams and a couple of mates decided to try their luck near Pensioners Corner.
They put in a bit of time collecting some Bass yabbies at low water and almost immediately were into the salmon.
George said that he could see a school of fish not far out and they weren’t moving far or fast and in short time they had plenty that were all around the 500gm mark which is ideal on the dinner plate as far as most anglers are concerned.
Further down towards the entrance near what is called the Bathing Boxes, there are salmon.
King George is often asked where this is as it is not shown on any map; it is a “local name” as this is where there were once bathing boxes, which were subsequently removed by the heavy hand of authority and as a result only the name remains. The actual location is s short distance inside the entrance on the northern side of the inlet.
Quite good bags of salmon are being caught along with mullet, flathead and gummies at the Bathing Boxes.
Just inside the entrance boaters have been happy with their returns where salmon are in good numbers and being taken on a variety of surface lures.
King George came across a visiting angler and a mate from Frankston who were trying their luck off Pensioners Corner just on the evening run in tide.
Frank Sykes said this was his first trip and he had just caught a very nice pan-sized salmon on whitebait.
This was actually on his first cast and naturally was happy.

Shallow Inlet:

The situation has been much the same over recent weeks where there has not been much as far as boaters are concerned.
There is no doubt that a visit to this area would be worth the effort where every year at around this time there is the annual influx of salmon schools along with quality silvers and flathead.
This year the salmon have been up to the 4kg mark and really test out the skills of anglers as well as the quality of equipment.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday with a good turn up of 27 members and visitors.
The event was sponsored by Wonthaggi Home Appliances run by Kanen Dicker.
The winner of the junior male section was Hunter Tiziani with a 360gm whiting for 1008 points.
The section male section winner was Graham Gray with a 495gm bream for 1610 points.
Peter Clarke was the winner of the veteran’s section with a very nice whiting for 1610 points.

Bellarine Peninsula:

Azi Osmic, along with sons Jennan 11, and Senad 15, visited Lake Bullen Merri where Senad caught a 1.8kg Chinook salmon from the north side of the lake.
Later, Jennan caught a 2.2kg rainbow trout while fishing from the south side of the lake.
Both fish were caught on blue bait fished under a float.
Azi hooked a much larger rainbow that escaped more or less at his feet when two lines became tangled, the ensuing slack allowing the hook to fall out.
However, Azi caught several Chinook salmon on a lure called The Ghost.
On Friday, Michael Evans took a run out to Wurdiboluc reservoir after work where repeatedly casting a Pegron tiger paid off in the form of a 56cm, 2.05 kg brown trout.
Michael says the redfin that have been prolific until a few weeks ago, seem to have gone quiet for the time being at least.
Trevor Holmes of Victorian Inland Charters reports fishing Lake Toolondo with Melbourne client Neil Travis last week.
Out of frustration, he tried a with mud eye beneath a float and produced the strike they were looking for when Neil hooked a very large brown trout that blew him off amongst the weed on the bottom.
The following day was a different story though and Neil was soon in business trolling Tassie Devils; the two largest of the four brown trout he caught each weighing 2.3kg.
The other two were about 2kg apiece.
Many thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lakes Entrance:

Bulloch Island has been good for mackerel, flathead and salmon that have been taking pilchards and prawns.
Salmon and gummies are also been caught off the beach with pilchards and poppers being the best of the presentations.
The town jetties have bream, trevally, luderick and mullet also being caught on a variety of baits being caught on weed, fresh prawns and pipis as well as glassies.
Offshore there have been good numbers of pinkies and morwong taking a variety of presentations.

Lake Tyers:

Bream and flathead have been caught on the lower reaches of both arms and the main lakes. There has been god numbers of salmon at Number 2 boat ramp.

Mitchell River:

Peeled prawn and soft shell are producing good numbers of bream from the backwater to the bluff.
The Twin River Classic is on over this weekend and with plenty of fish around we wish good luck to everyone.

Tambo River:

From reports it seems that there has been good numbers of bream up and down the river that have been taking cured worm, crabs and Bass yabbies.

Nicholson River:

The fishing seems to have been patchy over the last week or so but there have been plenty of undersize bream caught and released with best baits being prawn and worm.


Local worm and frozen prawn seems to be the best baits for bream and mullet where they are being caught from Shaving Point and Lake King Jetty.
Good numbers of mullet are being caught in Tambo Bay.


Bream are in the northern end of the channel taking spider crab and prawn.
There are a few sea running salmon being bagged on white bait.

Hollands Landing:

Bull By, Red Bluff and the caravan park jetty have had bream being caught on prawn and soft shell and peeled prawn.


Bream are being caught mainly on cut crab.
The beaches have plenty of salmon and perch being caught on pilchards and poppers.
Gummies are also being taken on squid while offshore gummies are being taken on pilchards, poppers and squid.

Bemm River:

There are good size bream being caught in the lake but it’s fair to say that there is plenty of water mixed in with them.
Best results have been on peeled and at the time of this report the entrance was still open.


The rock groynes seem to be the best place where luderick are taking local weed.
The surf has been very good for salmon and tailor that are being caught on poppers and pilchards.
From the camp site to Shallow Lagoon there has been good numbers of bream being caught on prawns. Peachtree is also worth a try.


Bream seem to have moved from the bottom Lake to the Top Lake near Gypsy Point and Wallagaraugh River.
Luderick are around the boat ramp taking local weed.
The surf is good for salmon and tailor taking poppers and pilchards while gummies are taking squid.
There is plenty of salmon and tailor in then lake that are taking a variety of lazer lures and poppers.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au on 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Good numbers at winter comp

WITH cold, wet and windy weather, conditions were not great for the Venus Bay Angling Club’s July comp held recently.
However, the club still managed good numbers with 19 members and two non-members entered.
There was even a member of the local wildlife trying to get in on the act.
Prize winners were: Seniors; 1st Michael De Hamer, Salmon 940g (470pts); 2nd Joe Gristi, Salmon, 640g (320pts); 3rd Paul De Hamer, Salmon 460g (230pts).
Senior non-member prize winner; Shannon Forrest, Mullet 300g (300pts).