tightlines-2972014Inverloch angler Mick Yeates with a very nice perch caught on a Bass yabby near Mahers Landing.

By King George

THE typical winter weather continues with just a trickle of boats braving the elements.
Some are having reasonable returns for their efforts but it would be fair to say there is plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
There have been scattered reports however where flathead have been caught on various presentations.
Susie Walton was one very happy lady after she bagged a ripper yank flathead off Cape Woolamai and said that it would have been right up there on the leader’s board at San Remo.


There have not been any reports from the local beaches but no doubt a visit would be worth the effort.
Salmon will no doubt be the most prolific fish to greet the weigh-master but flathead, tommy roughs and the occasional gummy shark should show up, but there is plenty of water mixed in with the fish no doubt.
As King George was completing this report he received a call from George Campbell who is a regular from Dandenong and with the short drive of little over an hour to get to his fishing spots with some mates, he more often than not goes home with enough to put on a meal for his family and guests.
He said through the week he tried his luck off the Kilcunda surf and nothing happened, but when the tide was about half way in the action started.
He was first with a hook up and landed a good size salmon that was around the 500gm mark, which is great on the table, and followed this up with half a dozen other quality fish that were all caught on whitebait.
His crew also did well and at the end of the day they had plenty for a very good meal.
The good fishing continued until the top of the tide when things went a bit on the quiet side as is what usually happens but they weren’t complaining saying they will be back again at the first opportunity.


The excellent fishing continues inside the entrance at Anderson Inlet up as far as Pensioners Corner.
Salmon to the 1kg mark make up most bags, as has been the case for some time.
The water is often muddy around this area at this time of year which is to be expected owing to the ongoing rains but this is where salmon are being caught on a variety of baits which include whitebait, pipis, squid and small strips of pilchards.
There has also been a mixture of flathead, mullet and reasonable size gummy sharks that have been making the effort worthwhile.
There can be a fair wait between enquiries but when the action starts then the long waits are forgotten.
The jetty at Inverloch has also been reasonable with mullet and small salmon being the main catch but when a school makes an appearance, which is usually on the run in tide, again the long wait is forgotten.
Further up the entrance around Stevies Gutter there have been quite reasonable numbers of perch being caught on Bass yabbies and a teaser of sand worms.
Pipis have also been very effective and as well as the perch there have been some very good quality whiting making an appearance as well as mullet and the occasional flathead.
The area around the A Frame house is also very productive with best results being on the run in tide with silvers, flathead and reasonable size gummies being caught in worthwhile numbers.
Eddie Hopkins and a mate decided to try their luck near the boat ramp at low water on the run in tide looking for whatever might come along.
They arrived a bit early with the water still well out but decided to wait for a while to see what might happen.
Eddie said all they got was a long wait for a couple of hours but as the tide neared the high water mark the action started with the arrival of salmon that were to the 1kg mark.
They also bagged some very nice size mullet that took the pipi and Bass yabby combination but there was no sign of any whiting that they would have loved to have caught but they were still happy with their returns.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen and Andrew Starrett run then local caravan park and say things have been a bit on the quiet side.
Karen says she’s not downhearted as this is usually the case at this time of year but the boats are not going out.
She says no doubt there are plenty of fish around which will include gummy sharks, flathead, silvers and mullet and when the conditions become more favourable the action will begin.

Port Albert:

The situation is much the same in this part of the world according to Talie who works at the local general store.
With the cold water, temperatures are now well down to the winter levels, most boat owners keep their craft in the shed and will be attending to those upkeep jobs for the coming season, which makes sense.
There has however been the occasional land based angler trying their luck off the numerous jetties where flathead, silvers, mullet and eels will be among fish that are breaking the monotony.
Having said that, there is plenty of water mixed in with the fish.

Lakes entrance:

Try Bullock Island for mackerel, flatties and salmon taking pilchards and prawn.
Salmon and gummies are off the beach, bait of choice being pilchards and poppers.
The town jetties have bream, trevally, luderick and mullet taking weed, fresh prawn, pipis and glassies.
Off shore plenty of pinkies and morwong.

Lake Tyers:

The lower reaches of both arms and the main lakes are producing good size bream and flathead on prawn.
Plenty of salmon have been caught at number 2-boat ramp.

Mitchell River:

Korumburra fishing legend Phil Wardle and girlfriend Anne decided to spend a few days on the Mitchell River looking for whatever might come along.
As it turned out they weren’t disappointed and both managed some very good size bream on yabbies.
The fish were to the 42cm mark with Anne having the biggest and she was naturally very happy and looking forward to doing it again at the first opportunity.
Peeled prawn and soft shell have also been also producing bream from the backwater to the bluff.
The Twin Rivers Classic is on this weekend and going by reports there should be some very good bags to greet the weigh master.

Tambo River:

Bream are cruising down to rough road and the river mouth. Best bait is peeled prawn and cured worm.


Fishing has become patchy. Plenty of juvenile bream being caught and released. The fish are taking prawn and worm.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

IT was one out of the box this week with some very calm conditions and although there was a bit of rain no wind meant you could actually get out in the boat.
It’s amazing the difference it makes to the reports when people are actually out fishing.
Everything actually aligned this week and we were able to give the boat a run on Wednesday and get out for a fish.
We started early heading offshore in a very thick fog so it was a very slow trip down the channel but once we got outside the entrance the fog cleared and the conditions were very good.
We started in about 25m as I had a report of good flathead in 28m the day before.
We drifted out to 48m and only found flathead at one spot so went back and drifted over the same area and again and got flathead at the same depth, 42m.
We did this a few times in different areas and only found small schools of flathead in 42m to 44m.
In closer to the cape there were big schools of slimmey mackerel and small couta and juvenile wrasse by the thousands.
We then decided to come inside to Cleeland Bight to fish the last of the run out tide for whiting and calamari.
We picked up a calamari very quickly but unfortunately that was the last one we got.
We had several others follow up the jigs but there was so much fine weed that it was a battle keeping the weed off the jigs.
We didn’t see any whiting either but pleasingly didn’t catch any draughtboard sharks.

With the calm conditions several boats took advantage and headed offshore this week and almost everybody found some flathead, not in big numbers but most got a good feed.
The other reports from offshore this week were promising with snapper and gummies being caught and although not in big numbers you don’t often see too many this time of the year.
The best of the gummies was just over 8kg with the rest about 3kg to 4kg and the biggest snapper went 60cm with the others around 40cm.
Several salmon, couta both big and small were also reported and a couple of customers reported getting bitten off after a short run, unknown what it was.
Back in the bay and the snapper reports continue to come in as they have all winter when the weather has allowed but don’t expect to just drive out and drop on them.
Those that have caught them over the last month or two have all put in plenty of time on the water, generally at night getting reward for effort with very few of the snapper under 5kg.
Almost all the reports I have had to the shop came from the top end of the bay towards Lang Lang and only one report was from the Corals area.
There were a few whiting reported this week but with all the weed around it was very difficult to keep baits clean.
There were a couple of good reports but they were very random without a pattern to where or when.
The best reports came from a customer that was actually looking for calamari in Cleeland Bight and because they weren’t getting any of them decided to anchor and throw a couple of whiting rods over while still trying for calamari.
In their words all hell broke loose and there were rods going everywhere and inside 40 minutes they had 16 whiting all over 34cm and seven calamari so from what was a very disappointing four hours turned into 40 minutes of good fishing and made the day well worth the effort.
Calamari from the boats was much the same as the whiting with the weed at times making it very difficult with the artificial jigs.
Land based was similar but more people were using baited jigs so there were more reports from the land as the weed didn’t seem to have as much effect.
There were several reported from those using artificial jigs but were all from the jetty at Newhaven.
Salmon were a bit slow and maybe the weather was too good for them as there was virtually no surf most of the week which seems to have an effect.
The best report came from Williamsons Beach with customers fishing from Kilcunda beaches telling me there was still a lot of weed around.
The beaches at Woolamai were cleaner but the reports of small salmon from there continues.
I did have several reports this week of mullet being caught from Woolamai and Newhaven Jetty.

With the season just around the corner it’s a good idea to start thinking about your rods and reels.
If your gear needs servicing or repairing or reels need re-spooling now is the time to bring them in.
If you don’t pick your reel up for a month or so that isn’t a problem, the problem will come when fish start to show up and I get 10 people bringing in a couple of reels each a few days before they are going fishing. Inevitably, someone will miss out.
While I still have a bit of quiet time during the week I can get all the servicing and repairs done in plenty of time, which will mean your gear will be ready to go when you are.
If you are looking at updating or replacing rods and reels or adding to your tackle box it’s also a good time to sort it out as you can come in and work out what you want, start up a lay-by and pay it off over the next few weeks so when the season starts you will be set to go.