tightlines-872014Tracey Buckland and Kahl Gaffe at Inverloch jetty trying their luck looking for a salmon or whatever might come along.

By King George

SALMON still dominate fishing as far as landbased fishing is concerned where fish to the 4kg mark are making up very impressive bag.
What we call salmon is actually not a true salmon but a member of the herring family such as what we call a Tommy Rough.


Williamsons Beach seems to be the best of landbased options where salmon are in very good numbers.
Chris Andrews managed a very nice bag of the torpedo fish after the big blow and managed nine very good size fish that were all around the 1kg mark.
They were maybe just past the best eating size but still quite presentable on the table when presented fresh.
They must not be overcooked which is the best way as far as most fish are concerned.
Sam Davidson is also a regular visitor to this beach and he also did well with a dozen salmon that were caught on whitebait.
Generally speaking as far as the surf has been concerned there have also been quite good numbers of mullet and flathead being caught where best time has been on the run in tide.
There have also been plenty of useless skunk sharks being caught and to call them useless is a bit of an over service.
For those anglers who don’t know these fish, well they aren’t missing out and all that can be done with them is to throw them back and hope that someone catches the next one.


There have been plenty of reports coming from the entrance up as far as the jetty where salmon has been the main species bagged.
They have been to the 2kg mark but being this size they are not all that good on the dinner plate, as they tend to be on the bland side.
Colin Jenkins however did get into some flathead that were around the 500 gm mark that took whitebait.
There have been a few gummies that have been the ideal eating size being to the 1.7metre mark. There have also been mullet that are to 500g and taking pipis and whitebait.
Experienced anglers like to immediately bleed these fish for best results and mullet should not on be frozen, as they will lose much of their flavour.
They are however alright frozen if they are going to be used for bait.
There has also been good size flathead and silvers that have been caught on the run in flow and if experience is an indicator, Anderson Inlet should keep on producing quality fish for some time yet. Kahl Gaffe and Tracey Buckland are visitors to the area and King George came across them trying their luck off the jetty.
Kahl is a landscaper and reckons that fishing is better than work any day even though he had nothing to show for his efforts at the time of the visit.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park with husband Andrew says that there have been plenty of salmon being bagged mainly on surface lures.
A variety of natural baits such as white bait, pilchards, strips of fish as well as eel pieces have also been doing the job.
Tommy Roughs have also been showing up in reasonable numbers along with flathead and the occasional gurnard have been caught.
There are also plenty of skunk sharks that are perfectly useless.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the Boat Storage is that there has been very little activity, which is not too hard to understand.
There have not been any reports of whiting being caught where they usually show up in the Lewis Channel where best results have been on the last half of the run out tide.
There are usually silvers, flathead and the occasional gummy that will be taken in reasonable numbers.
The jetties are probably worth a visit where silvers, mullet, flathead and squid will be hanging around with the run in tide being the best time to wet a line.

Lakes Entrance:

The Footbridge and the front Lake has been good for trevally where best baits are blue and white bait.
The town jetties for plenty of good size luderick and flathead.
Bait of choice is local weed, pilchards and metal lures.

Lake Tyers:

Number two Boat Ramp for pinkies and bream on pilchard and prawn. Also Blackfellows Arm and Toorloo Arm are worth a look.
Not much happening on the surf.

Mitchell River:

From Shadoof Lodge, the Butter Factory and the Highway Bridge and on up to the Backwaters, have bream on sandworm and peeled prawn.

Tambo River:

Down Reynolds Road, at the mouth around the snags they have been catching bream on sandworm and peeled prawn.


The Railway and Highway Bridges for plenty of good size bream on sandworm and prawn. Thumb Point is also worth a look.


The town jetties, Newlands Arm, McMillan Straits and around structures are the spots for bream, luderick and trevally.
The fish are taking are taking sandworm and local prawn.


Plenty of good size luderick are being caught off the front jetties, where best bait is local weed. Some bream are also about taking local prawn.


Plenty of good size luderick are to be had at the front jetties, where the best bait is local weed. Some bream are also about taking local prawn.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 56 723 474.Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

SEVERAL people have asked where my report was last week and the simple answer is, short of making it up or reporting on captures where none of us are fishing it would have only been a couple of lines. The weather for the last couple of weeks has been anything but favourable for any type of fishing; the wind has been relentless.
The beaches has had a very messy swell and a lot of weed and the wind has stopped most boats going out and the jetties have been too cold.
Finally this week and especially Sunday the weather has turned for the better and several people have been able to get out for a fish.
Despite the weather bureau the other day saying the worst of the winter weather is over I wouldn’t put the rain gear away yet, I think we will still have a bit to come which isn’t such a bad thing as we always seem have good spring fishing after a cool wet winter.
There were some good reports of Calamari this week with no real monsters but still respectable ones and worth the effort.
The best report for the week came from a customer who over two days managed 12 from the beach in Cleeland Bight all caught on baited jigs.
I did get a few reports from the jetty at San Remo but fishing was made difficult between the large patches of weed and the at times strong North West winds.
The reports of calamari from the boats came from both Dickies Bay and Cleeland Bight with more from the bight.
It was a bit of a mixture of artificial and baited jigs and really was dependant on the time of the tide. As the water cleaned up the artificial jigs came into their own.
For those customers asking about the white Shimano Keimura squid jigs I have been told that they will have them at the end of the month and we should have them early in August.
Most of the boats that did go out over the last week were chasing calamari and because of the dirty water didn’t chase much else.
However the few that went looking for a whiting or gummy had mixed success.
One fish that was in abundance, and I use the term loosely as fish usually means something useful was those winter favourites the Draughtboard sharks.
It doesn’t matter if you are fishing deep or shallow they seem to be able to find you and there is nothing you can do to get away from them.
A couple of whiting were reported and while there weren’t a lot on the Esky at the end of the day the quality of the fish was very good and they are typical winter ones with a very good fat layer under the skin.
The reports were a couple from above the bridge and a couple from below the bridge with a toss of a coin as to the best.
There were or should I say are still a lot of flathead on The Corals the only problem is most are undersized.
It’s much the same story for the gummies as well and I only had two reported that were worth talking about with them still only around 4kg.
In fairness to both the whiting and the gummies there was probably only half-a dozen boats for the week chasing them so you wouldn’t expect a lot of reports.
If you are heading out into the bay over the next month or so, whether going up the bay or under the bridge set up a couple or rods with metal lures and as soon as you turn out of the Newhaven Channel drop them in the water and troll them along the channel.
It will only take you an extra few minutes to get there as you will have a very good chance this time of the year of picking up some fresh bait.
There are generally schools of salmon, couta or a few pike traveling up the channel and not too many days go past where I don’t sit in the shop and watch plenty of birds diving on something in the channel near the bridge.