editors letterBy Danika Dent

While politicians were keen to have their ‘victorious’ photos taken at the recent announcement a sewerage scheme will be implemented for Loch, Nyora and Poowong, the real heroes were shunning the limelight.
It was no easy feat for Blyth Meechan to speak so publicly about her son Lachlan’s acquired brain injury, which was put down to a bacterial infection he contracted while walking up Poowong’s main street.
The community was divided when some fought against a Band-Aid approach, knowing full well amelioration works, as proposed by some high profile Loch residents would drag out the process another 10 plus years.
Poowong and Nyora effectively stifled development in the area with its sustained media campaign, which showed excrement flowing through the open drains.
The Sentinel-Times has been along for the ride and has witnessed all the key events – from Blyth’s tearful and angry council presentation, to false hopes, and has been part of the media campaign.
We congratulate South Gippsland Water, South East Water and the government’s decision to expedite the Loch Nyora and Poowong Sewerage Scheme.
We also recognise it was through some brave actions the scheme was highlighted as a public health matter.
Without Ms Meechan allowing her son’s condition and doctor’s reports to become public, Loch, Nyora and Poowong’s plaintive cry, like a spoilt toddler would have remained “But you promised!”
While sewerage connection is too late for Lachlan, it is a huge achievement for the three communities.
Let’s hope now Loch, Nyora and Poowong can develop and extend their reputations for community and beautiful landscapes to fresh South Gippsland air!