While the Nyora, Loch and Poowong scheme is great for the towns, it is very regrettable that most of the property owners, who have the pipes running straight past their properties, will not be connecting.
This is not because they do not want to. It is because of the cost involved.
It seems quite ridiculous to me that if you live in town and your block is under half an acre, the cost of connecting is $800 plus up to $5000 in extras, for example, electricians and plumbers decommissioning septic tanks etc.
With this situation you will have the ability to pay the $800 over 20 years in your sewage rates.
If your block is bigger than half an acre as the majority of the town is, the price goes up to $5000 with 30 days to pay, plus the up to $5000 in extra costs.
I am not sure about the other towns but I know for a fact that most of the property owners in Nyora cannot afford to come up with up to $10,000 in a lump sum, so they will not connect.
While I realise that nothing can be done about the extra $5000 in expenses, surely the $5000 connection fee should be on a plan similar to the $800 plan our neighbours are provided with.
This would ensure that most of the properties in Nyora would connect and fix our sewage and health problems properly rather than only doing a part fix.
Thank you for your time.
Charlie Tagliaferro, Nyora.