korumburra-s-bend-now-priority-number-oneWhen an oil tanker fell over at the top pub a couple of years ago, our town was lucky to avoid a major incident.
The tanker contained diesel, which ran all the way down to the supermarket area causing it to be isolated for most of the day due to safety concerns.
Had that tanker contained petrol, there is a high probability that a huge fire would have resulted, given the size and spread of the spill.
We were lucky.
If such an event had occurred I feel we would already have a bypass.
Concerns by business owners for lost trade would not really matter in those circumstances.
I think most of us would know that B-doubles, cattle trucks and other large transports don’t often stop for a pie and latte in our lovely town. They go mostly to the large highway service centres.
For the large influxes of motorcyclists and other traffic we see on weekends, we are already a destination.
Do we need a bypass?
Of course we do, for the large vehicles that don’t stop and spend here anyway.
It does not need to be a total bypass but somewhere for the large vehicles to be diverted from our main street.
Someone I know was in town one day when an empty cattle truck had to brake heavily at the pedestrian crossing when the lights changed.
He was very glad that his convertible was not parked a few spots further down the hill when all the slops on the tray of the truck sloshed forward at high speed and squirted out the sides all over the road.
It is fine for Leongatha to have a bypass, but keep in mind that a majority of that traffic has already passed through Korumburra or will shortly do so.
Perhaps with the absence of heavy vehicles pounding up and down the hill, the improved atmosphere and amenity will entice more customers rather than fewer.
We build bike trails for the safety and recreation of cyclists so it makes sense to build truck trails for the safety and recreation of the rest of us.
Ron Davis, Korumburra.