1000-cashback-when-you-buy-in-daisybank-estatePicture yourself driving towards your new home in Korumburra’s Daisybank Estate. Already there are 90 homes and 250 people living in this well-located, picturesque residential area and it can easily be your new address as well. m303214

DAISYBANK Estate is considered by many to be Korumburra’s premium residential development and the place to live.
The numbers of people opting to buy and build there support the claim.
Some 90 homes have already been built on this lovely estate which is already home to more than 250 people.
And there are another 40 to 50 homes that will be built in the months ahead.
Not only has it been a great choice for homeowners, it has also provided a boost to the local economy via building growth and that is set to continue.
The local park on the estate, comprising of more than 1.2 hectares or three acres, will be released to the community in the next few weeks.
The park will be landscaped with a pathway and play equipment.
Vic Properties, the developer of the estate, is proud to have developed five stages on the estate and looks forward to releasing the final three stages over the next three to five years.
In order to acquaint more people with the benefits of moving to Daisybank, Vic Properties is offering a special rebate opportunity in conjunction with the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times newspaper.
The rebate will be $1000 cash with every purchase and all the prospective buyer has to do is present the voucher at the point of purchase from Vic Properties and have it endorsed to be eligible for the $1000 rebate.
See advert on this page. Cut it out and take it with you when you go looking for your preferred site in the estate.
A director of Vic Properties will sign the voucher for you, specifying the lot you have purchased and the rebate of $1000 will be paid to you by the Sentinel-Times over and above any negotiations with the vendor.
“Real estate as we have all heard countless times is about ‘position’, ‘position’, ‘position’,” said one of the estate developers, Livio Cellante.
“And the Daisybank Estate is arguably the best located estate in the South Gippsland Shire. Investing in this estate will allow you to build your dream home and enjoy the beautiful views and the great lifestyle on the estate.
“Should you ever decide to sell your home then you know that your investment will be keenly sought after by other prospective buyers.”
If you want to know more and obtain a plan and price list, call Vic Properties and speak with one of our sales representatives on 9840 8777.