hotondo-homes-new-designs-give-customers-more-choiceThe Catalina Moreton design from Hotondo is ideal for families.

LOCAL Hotondo Homes’ builder, Trent Allen and his wife Caroline are giving their customers more choice, adding a series of new and revamped home designs to their range.
The exciting launch has seen the addition of two duplexes and a double storey home.
“We have added the new double storey ‘Catalina’ design to our Forever Sanctuary Range,” Trent said.
“The home is ideal for families, boasting a large open plan living area, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a powder room and versatile rumpus area.”
Trent and Caroline consider the addition of their new duplex designs will also help them target a new sect of the investor market.
“Incorporating duplex dwellings to our repertoire of designs is great news for property investors,” Trent said.
“Duplex designs are an affordable way to collect a rental income,” adds Caroline.
“You can live in one and rent one out, rent them both or sell.
“Depending on the rental yield and potential for capital growth, investors have an array of options.”
Trent and Caroline pride themselves being local builders that provide a local and personalised service to their clients.
“We believe in taking a holistic approach to our clients’ building journey,” says Caroline.
“We ensure that everything from the standard of our customer service, our quality workmanship and advice throughout the colour selections process is meticulous.
“Because of this, we consistently receive positive customer testimonials heralding our service.”
Hotondo Homes Inverloch also uses the latest in design innovation and energy efficient technology.
Each home’s layout and solar positioning has been considered to reduce energy costs without compromising on modern comforts
To enquire with Trent, Caroline and the Hotondo Homes’ team, visit Shop 2 Ramsey Boulevard, Inverloch or contact 5674 3058.
Alternatively you can go online to