shire-has-let-netballers-down-sentinel-times-commentI wish to correct some misinformation published in the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times on August 12, 2014 in relation to the state of the netball courts at Wonthaggi.
Before the following comments are read, I do hope that the Wonthaggi community are successful in gaining access to appropriate netball facilities as soon as possible.
Participation in local sports is perhaps the best way of developing a strong community and netball is a significant part of this process. Michael Giles asserted on August 12 that the “courts are used right through the winter by several teams from Phillip Island”………
Unfortunately, Phillip Island teams were excluded from playing in the Saturday competition at the Wonthaggi facility last year; thus the reference to the ‘Phillip Island Stand Alone lobby’ only serves to highlight the feeling of disparity.
In order to provide inclusive opportunities for Phillip Island and San Remo netballers, the Phillip Island Netball Club has initiated a Friday night competition for those players who do not play in the Alberton league teams.
It is also worth noting, that the Phillip Island Netball facilities have also been inspected and as a result, modifications have been made and now we have effectively only one court that we can play games on.
Distance, time and a lack of public transport, make the funding of a so-called regional facility, somewhat impractical.
Unfortunately, with a region as large as Bass Coast Shire, the provision of equitable ‘local facilities’ has not been achieved under the current model.
This is highlighted by the fact that in Cowes, we do not even have an outdoor basketball court for our kids to play on.
It is sad that in these times of prosperity and record high council rates, that our respective local communities (who have a proud history of sporting participation) do not have simple access to basic sporting facilities.
Anne Duyker, passionate netballer, Phillip Island.