its-good-buying-now-in-inverlochProperties right across Inverloch have been ‘priced to meet the market’ so with interest rates confirmed low, agents agree there’s never been a better time to buy.

IT’S not a fire sale by any means, but with a large number of properties on the market in Inverloch at the moment, there are bound to be bargains for the canny investor.
But you’ve got to be prepared to shop around.
“The prices have been drifting lower over the past few years, for sure, but I’d say they bottomed out late last year and have really settled now,” said Adam Leys of Stockdale & Leggo.
“It’s a really good time to be buying in my view.
“Interest rates were confirmed as staying low last week and we also saw the Commonwealth Bank dropping its longer term rates the other day which is a sure indication that interest rates are going to stay low for quite some time.
“So you can buy with confidence.”
Are there bargains to be had?
“It’s a case by case situation. Some vendors have got a price that they want in mind and they stick to it while others are more motivated to sell and will consider lower offers.
“But we put the offers to the vendors and let them decide.”
Adam said property sales were slow last year but the situation has improved markedly this year.
“What we are seeing now is that properties which are well priced, well presented and in a good location are selling.
“The market is moving and that’s a good thing for everyone.”
But by all accounts, some properties in the town have been snatched up at well under the listed price, where owners had to sell in a slow market, so it’s certainly worth your while putting a low offer and seeing where it takes you.
Nothing has changed about the fundamentals of the town.
It’s superbly located close to Melbourne, the Latrobe Valley, the growth corridor between Warragul and the eastern suburbs, and also to Wonthaggi, Leongatha and Korumburra; where there’s also a lot of interest.
The town has an excellent primary school and sporting facilities, a delightful shopping centre with plenty of café and pub dining options, a safe surf beach, good fishing and great work/life balance options.
If you ever thought about making the move to Inverloch or buying a slice of the good life for the future, now is the time to act and there’s an enormous selection of properties for you to peruse.
As an indication of the vendors’ willingness to meet the market, several properties have been sold in the sought-after Lohr Avenue area in recent months for prices only seen five years ago, providing new owners with the chance to upgrade, renovate or even rebuild where old beach shacks once stood.
A beautiful big block that has been on the market in Surf Parade for several years has just had a price reduction to $525,000, which is good buying for a block of 820m2
“You’ll get a nice view over the water if you build a two storey home there and finish up with a very nice home indeed,” Mr Leys said.
Pick a nice fine day over the next few weeks and start looking… you’ll be well and truly in by Christmas with one of the summers of your life laid out before you!