editors letterTHERE are lots of things that you could whine and moan about this week.
And the story we are running on the front page today is one of them.
How far should the shire go in prosecuting people who have done the wrong thing on their properties by removing native vegetation, erecting and living in illegal dwellings that are possibly unsafe, keeping animals or transgressing the planning code in some other way?
Surely there’s a common-sense approach no matter what the problem.
Then of course there’s the welcome, but let’s be honest, token effort by the State Government last week to provide $3 million to fix a tiny section of the South Gippsland Highway between the McDonalds Restaurant at Lang Lang (Caldermeade) and the first turn off to Koo Wee Rup.
The Premier admitted himself that this section of the road needed to be constructed to a higher standard… than what? The rest of the South Gippsland Highway of course!
What is needed is an overall development plan for the highway which sets out to raise construction standards on the road for its full length, between the Freeway and Leongatha, at least.
That’s the sort of election promise we’d really like to see.
And there’s a lot of worrying things happening on our borders and in the international sphere.
But, let’s just for one week take a leaf out of the South Coast Athletic Club’s book, and be thankful that we saw “something positive on the telly for once”. And how!
What an absolute joy to see three locals performing with great distinction at the Commonwealth Games. Kaila, Eleanor and Lisa succeeded in providing an untold amount of pleasure to the people of this district and for that we thank them and heartily congratulate them.
A tremendous amount of hard work went into their success and they deserve all the praise they get but no one is forgetting the many volunteers who turn out at local sporting clubs every week to give our kids the opportunity to shine. Well done to them too.
In honour of their efforts, let’s declare this week ‘Good News Week’ and for just a moment set aside those things that trouble us!