quick-road-fixes-arent-workingMr Amor says quick fix methods to repair potholes are costing tax payers money and are not an effective solution. C013314

KORUMBURRA Business Association president David Amor says quick fixes to deal with large number of pot holes are a waste of taxpayer’s money.
Mr Amor said last week he watched road maintenance crews working on pot holes in the Korumburra Industrial Estate where they spent less than two minutes fixing each hole.
“On Tuesday, I was watching crews fix the roads in Sanders Street,” he said.
“They had one guy kicking the water out of the hole with his shoe, a second guy using a jerry can to tip black liquid into it and then a third guy gets a shovel of stone, tips it in, taps it with the back of the shovel three times then they move on to the next hole.”
Mr Amor said the current method for dealing with the state of the roads is not working and would like to see a better solution from VicRoads and the State Government.
“They say you are more likely to be killed on country roads yet they are investing money in metropolitan areas because that is where the masses are,” he said.
“It is about time the State and Federal Governments along with VicRoads stand up and say we have made a mistake.
“You physically can’t drive out of Korumburra to Wonthaggi without hitting 30 potholes in the first five kilometres.”