speed-scamI was reading the article ‘Swerved towards speed camera’ (Sentinel-Times, July 22) when I could not help but notice the usual propaganda from Victoria Police representatives.
Sgt Hullick stated the role that speed cameras have played in reducing the road toll is indisputable.
And then follows this up by asking people (sheeple) to go to a website that only backs up his claims.
The fact is a speed camera has not saved one life and is incapable of doing so.
If there was any advice worth listening to, it would be do your own research instead of once again supporting the propaganda these thieves will have you believe.
The road toll has not reduced from revenue raising tactics.
It has reduced because of better cars, technology, etc, etc.
It would be good to see newspapers report objectively instead of just printing the crap you’re fed by organisations with vested interest (monetary).
You do have journalists working there don’t you?
Damon Piercy, Leongatha.