tightlines-1282014One of the many salmon being caught off the beach at Inverloch.

By King George

OVER the last week there has been steady if not spectacular results as far as landbased anglers and boaters are concerned.
Weather conditions will try out everyone, including the most hardened but as that well worn out saying goes, you won’t catch them at home.


There has been an active swell over the last week in local waters but it would be fair to say that for those who put in the effort, there will be worthwhile results eventually.
Salmon as usual has been the main catch along with a sprinkling of tommy roughs, flathead and the odd snapper may well make an appearance.
Williamsons Beach will most likely be most likely to produce salmon where they have been to the 800g mark which makes the trip worthwhile with whitebait, squid and salted pipis being the best of the presentations as well as surf poppers.


Through the week King George came across Peter Grass who can always be found around the Inverloch foreshore trying to catch a fish.
However on this occasion he had failed to trouble the weigh master but said the wild winds have apparently blown up some sea horses to around the foreshore area as well as winged gurnard that have been caught near the Inverloch Jetty, which is very unusual.
They are more suited to a semi tropical environment.
This occurrence could be due to the extreme storms that we have had recently.
There are still good reports of big mullet being caught on both sides of the tide along with salmon.

The area known as the bathing is still worth a visit where anglers have been doing well on lures with a variety of natural baits such as squid, Bass yabbies, and strips of fresh fish have been doing the job. Further up the inlet there has been plenty of activity considering the ordinary conditions where there has been a good spread of better than average mullet, flathead, salmon being caught on both sides of the tides.
There have been quite reasonable numbers of coutta as well as perch also being caught and with the better conditions expected things should improve even more so.
The Tarwin River has been a bit on the quiet side as to be expected with all the recent rain but when things settle down there should be good numbers of perch, mullet and silvers making an appearance with best results being on the run off tide.
There have been a few eels making an appearance where many anglers feel that they are best used as shark bait but we all have our preferences.

Port Welshpool:

The conditions have not been great as far as fishing is concerned.
Having said that though, there have been patches when a trip to the area could be worth the effort. The Lewis Channel is traditionally the place to bag a whiting but to be fair the royals have been a bit scarce.
There have however been salmon to the 600g mark making an appearance and they have been taking a variety of surface lures as well as whitebait and pipis.
There has also been very good size mullet, silvers and flathead being caught in the same area.
For the very keen fishers who like to use a light to chase garfish, their efforts have been worthwhile, as they certainly deserve what they catch.
There have been other interesting reports where large numbers of flathead and gummy sharks have been turning up in the shallow water.
They have been sighted under the lights and although well undersize at this stage, the signs are very good.
There haven’t been any reports from outside the entrance, which is understandable, but no doubt there are plenty of salmon there for the taking with just about any type of surface lures being well worth a try.
Gummies and good size flathead are also in this area where they call home and as we slowly move into the warmer months things should start to improve.

Port Albert:

Information from the General Store is that there has not been a great deal of activity, which is to be expected at this time of year.
Rod Killury and wife Ulla run the local General Store and say that there has not been a great deal of activity inside the entrance as far as fish or anglers are concerned but through the week a large pod of dolphins paid the area a visit which caused plenty of excitement.
There must have been plenty for them to eat as they stayed for quite a while until they found some place else to call home but no doubt they will be back.
Geoff Lipsuch is a local fisherman who has converted his boat into a charter and recently decided to give it a run with a crew of hopefuls.
As it turned out there was plenty of quality flathead that made the trip well worthwhile in around the 20 metre mark.
No doubt Geoff would be good value as far as fishing is concerned as he knows the area like the back of his hand.
The local jetty is always worth a look where flathead silvers, mullet, garfish and eels are among the fish to be caught.
The run in tide is the best time to try your luck as well as a visit to the General Store that is located on the foreshore for the latest and best fishing information.

Lakes Entrance:

The Slipway’s Jetty is producing trevally, bait of choice being small pieces of blue bait. Ferryman’s jetty for luderick and bream, best bait is weed and prawn.
Bunga and Eastern Beaches has been producing salmon on poppers and pilchard.?
Offshore has been good for pinkies and morwong on pilchards.

Lake Tyers:

Top end of the Nowa Nowa Arm is producing good size flatheads, taking prawn.
Bream from Black Snake Bight up to Devil’s Hole, using lures and soft plastics for best results. ?
The surf has been worth a try for salmon on pilchard.

Mitchell River:

Local prawn, worm and spider crab are best baits for bream and mullet from the cut at Eagle Point and up to Eastwood Bridge, plus the backwaters are worth a look.

Tambo River:

From the power lines, Rough Road and Punt House Point has been worth a try as far as bream are concerned where the best baits have been spider crab, local and cured worm.


The bream competition was held last week where there were some very good size beam caught to the 1.5kg mark.
The most productive spots were around the tyres to the poplars with vibes being the most productive of the presentations.


There have been mixed reports over the week probably due to the conditions but there have been worthwhile bags of bream being caught to the 30cm mark along with vibes, sand worms, small pieces of squid and white bait doing the job.


There have been reasonable numbers of flathead being caught where small live mullet have been the best lures.
Luderick are also around the banks and weed bed area taking worm and weed.
Blonde Bay Bull Point and Red Bluff have been good for bream taking soft shell and worm.

Bemm River:

The surf beach has been very good for salmon that are taking a variety of metal lures. Bream are in good numbers being caught in the lake and taking peeled prawn.

Tamboon Inlet:

Gibb’s Creek, Duck Splash and Pear Tree for bream on peeled prawn. Surf has been good for gummies and salmon, best bait being fish fillets.

Keep the fishing reports coming to King George on 56 723 474 or snafu1@dcsi.net.au. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

WITH the start of spring only a few weeks away hopefully we will see a change in the weather soon and people will be able to get out and go fishing.
This week wasn’t anything special again and like the week before there were a few reports coming into the shop.
Most of the reports were landbased with the strong winds making boating very difficult if not impossible some days.
There was the odd hour or so that boats managed to get out the problem was the fish still seemed to be hiding and not a lot was reported.

The San Remo side of the bay was extremely dirty on the run out tide with plenty of water coming out of the Bass River.
If you are heading out soon don’t forget to keep your eyes open as the heavy rains often wash trees or large branches and rubbish into the bay and hitting one at 20 knots or so generally doesn’t end well.
When you are heading out for a fish in these very dirty conditions don’t necessarily go straight to your normal places especially if it is in the middle of the very dirty/muddy water as it might not be all that productive and the weed and rubbish will make difficult to fish.
From the reports I am getting in most of the fish come from that line of the dirty and clean water and from customers using a bit of quality burley as well.

Quieter on the calamari reports in the boats on this side of the bay but if you wanted to travel the reports from Hastings and towards the entrance where reports have been quite good.
There were a few from the jetty at San Remo and from the beach at Woolamai but the fine weed around made it difficult to keep your jig working properly and many gave up after a short time. Those who persevered managed to land a couple but certainly down on the numbers of the previous few weeks.

Snapper reports are continuing to circulate but none from the San Remo side of the bay and only a couple from the top end towards Lang Lang.
Most of the reports have come from the western side of the bay, Hastings to Flinders and have been some quality fish around that 5kg mark.
The only reports I have had were a few that are unusual for this time of the year and came from the Rhyll Jetty where I had several reports last week.
There were pinkies around 30cm to mid 40cm which are well worth the effort of spending the night. If you are fishing there from night might also be worth trying good size gummy bait.

Not too many salmon from the beaches this week but probably reasonable numbers considering the amount of people fishing.
All the popular salmon spots seem to be the same with mostly small fish and even the hot run of salmon at Inverloch seems to have slowed considerably.
The best place for salmon over the last week has been from Venus bay where some good numbers and also some respectable size ones were caught.