tightlines-1982014Inverloch fisherman caught this impressive 1.3kg salmon of Pensioners Corner last week.

By King George

THE fishing has been steady but there has been a lack of wind, which gives boaters an opportunity to get out on the water where there have been reasonable returns.
The water temperature is still way down but as conditions in general improve so too will the quality fish such as whiting, flathead, gummies and snapper that will put a smile on the faces of boaters and landbased anglers.
There have been encouraging reports from Westernport Bay where there has been quality snapper being bagged along with numerous gummies which is further good news.
The recent full moon is believed to be a contributing factor but there have been other positive news at different phases. Either way the good fishing news is welcome

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held its monthly competition last Sunday where fish of the month was silver trevally.
President Peter Clarke welcomed the 23 members and visitors along.
There were just two fish weighed in with Nick Richards winning the senior male section with a 1.155kg salmon and Alan Bentick won the veterans section with a .615kg bream.
Sponsor for the month was A.D. Cuman Engineering of Wonthaggi who is a long-time supporter of the club and is very much appreciated.
President Peter reminded everyone present of the Tambo Three Rivers Competition which is not too far off and would like to see as many members and friends as possible come along and support the club.
There have been some changes to the competition rules so if you are contemplating taking part then get in touch with President Peter Clarke who has all the particulars


The situation has remained unchanged in recent times where salmon has been the main catch along with a sprinkling of mullet, flathead and a few whiting that have been making up reasonable bags.
The area from Pensioners Corner down as far as the entrance has been fairly productive and at the time of this report the water had cleaned up but of course at this time of year that can change very quickly.
Bass yabbies, sandworm and pipis seem to be the best of the baits.
The jetty has been very popular as far as landbased anglers are concerned where mullet and flathead have been making up most bags although it would be fair to say that there can be a fair wait between enquiries.
When King George visited the area through the week there were quite a few hopefuls trying their luck but no one had anything to get too excited about.
Further up towards Maher’s Landing near the “A” frame house Fred Goldsmith, a visitor from Melbourne brought his new tinny down and decided to try his luck.
He didn’t know the area all that well and was not far off calling it a day when suddenly there was action.
He hooked into a very good size mullet that really gave him a great fight and almost immediately was at it again with another mullet about the 500 gm mark.
This continued for about an hour until he decided that he had enough fish for one trip and went home happy with his work and said that he will be back again.
Landbased anglers have been doing reasonably well off the shoreline near the boat ramp with mullet and smallish salmon making up most bags but when there is nothing much else around then this is good enough.
Darren Carbery is a local Inverloch angler who loves to fish off the beaches at Inverloch and through the week decided to try his luck off Pensioners Corner where there have been many other landbased anglers doing well.
He was also in luck when he hooked into and landed a very impressive salmon that dragged the scales way down to 1.3kg and needless to say he was impressed.
He took the fish into the Rod Bending shop at Inverloch where it was weighed and photographed by proprietor David Walsh who is thanked by King George for the report and photograph.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park says that there has been a bit of activity as far as boaters are concerned with very good size salmon making up most bags.
She says that a boat crew from Melton, Lee and Daniel Dever were very happy with their efforts where they bagged some good size eating salmon and no doubt they will be back to do it all again.

Port Welshpool:

News from the boat storage is that there have been good size gummies turning up and through the week a very big snapper was landed although the weight is unknown.

Quality flathead are also making an appearance and at the jerry there have been very good bags of silvers being caught on the run in tide.
The weather through the week was described at perfect with a few boaters taking advantage of the situation but no doubt over the weekend the football finals have taken precedence but when that is over then boats will come out of the sheds.

Lakes Entrance:

Mullet, bream, trevally and luderick are being caught at the Post office and the Ferryman’s Jetties, bait of choice is local weed, small bits of blue bait and prawn.
The small bridge at Eastern Beach Road and the surf beach have salmon on bait poppers and blue bait. Offshore is worth a try for pinkies, flathead and morwong on pilchards.

Lake Tyers:

Good size bream are being caught at Mill Point, Pile Bay and up to Burnt Bridge where the best baits have been prawn and worm.
The top end of the Nowa Nowa Arm has quality flathead and bream around Devils Hole taking prawn. The surf has salmon being caught on pilchard and poppers.

Mitchell River:

George’s Lane, Shadoof Lodge, Grassy Banks and The Cut will produce bream that are being caught on local prawn, spider crab and sandworm.

Tambo Rover:

Lucerne Patch and the Highway Bridge heading towards the power lines have been good for bream with the best baits are soft plastics and local prawn.


The boat ramp and down to the Little Cliffs has been good for bream and flathead close along the banks using prawn. Also try the mouth at Jones Bay and Thumb Point.


The main wharf and small jetties for Bream, mullet and trevally. Chinaman’s Creek, Bancroft Bay and the mouth of Box’s Creek is worth a try for bream with pinkies and mullet being caught and prawn and worm


The main wharf and small jetties for bream, mullet and trevally. Chinamans Creek, Bancroft Bay and the mouth of Box’s Creek is producing bream, pinkies and mullet on worm and prawn.

Hollands Landing:

Plover Point at the entrance of the Straits for bream taking prawn, The Woodpile and into Bull Bay are also good spots to try.


The River and Lake systems are starting to produce mullet, bream and luderick. Using black crab, worm and prawn has the best results. The surf is good for salmon and tailor using poppers and pilchard. Offshore is also fishing well.

Bemm River:

The entrance is open. The surf has been good as far as salmon have been taking lures. Good size tailor have also turned up in the lake, also taking lures. Perch are in the River, preferring lures, which is further good news.
Bream are cruising about the system also in good numbers and liking prawn. The surf has been producing good numbers for salmon and tailor that are being caught on poppers and pilchard.


Pelican Point, Old Man Point and down to Tamboon South has been good for bream, tailor, luderick and trevally on prawn and worm. On the surf, salmon and tailor are taking poppers and pilchard.


The beach on the incoming tide has been good for salmon being bagged on poppers and pilchard. Luderick also are making an appearance on the incoming tide at the Main Wharf on weed. The Top and Bottom Lakes and Gypsy Point have bream and flathead taking prawn.
Trevally are in the Genoa River, where the best bait is prawn.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 56 723 474 or snafu1@dcsi.net.au. Good Luck and Tightlines.