tightlines-268201412Hopeful anglers were out trying their luck off the Inverloch jetty last week.

By King George

ENCOURAGING reports of early snapper and gummies continue which is great news in the Westernport area along with quality flathead with boaters feeling confident of a bumper season.


The rough water from what has been described as 100-year storms has been transformed at times to virtually flat calm with more landbased anglers trying their luck.
Salmon has been the main catch as to be expected along with tommy roughs, salmon and the occasional gummy shark.
Occasionally there will be a pinkie snapper bagged but they are fairly scarce.
As has been the case for some time, Williamsons beach has been probably the most productive where salmon have been to the 2kg mark but fish this size are a bit on the bland side but some people like this size.
Whitebait and surf poppers have best of the presentations as well as salted pipis.
Many anglers prefer the salted version, as they can withstand the pounding of the surf on the frozen version. However if you have fresh pipis then you are in with an even better chance.


Salmon still are making up most bags where they are to the 2kg and taking a variety of presentations on both sides of the tide.
At Mahers Landing boaters and landbased anglers are happy with their returns, as through the week the conditions were great.
King George spoke to a number of people who had caught very good size mullet, silvers, flathead and a sprinkling of mullet on both sides of the tides.
The area around what is known as the bating boxes has been very productive where Alexander Graham and a few mates had a couple of great days in perfect conditions.
They had a place to stay, which was very handy and the fish were in very good numbers.
Salmon were to the 1.5kg mark along with a few tommy roughs and good size mullet.
One of them also caught a good size gurnard that took a whitebait presentation.
Being city folk they had not seen anything like this before and were very careful when handling the mystery fish which was a wise thing to do as that has very sharp fins which can inflict a nasty wound.
King George explained to them that if they are unfortunate enough to be stung then the wound should be treated with a very warm sponge, which should relieve the pain.
The area around Mahers Landing is also very productive with mullet being the main catch off the shoreline as well as salmon and he occasional reasonable size flathead.
Boaters have also been doing well both above and below the boat ramp with the calm conditions starting to attract land-based and boaters.
The recent rain bas brought a fair bit of fresh water into the inlet, which has flushed out the system. In the long run the fishing should be great.

Shallow Inlet:

Karen Starett says that there have been quite good numbers of salmon have been caught in her part of the world with very good quality salmon making an appearance in the cold water.
There have also been pleasing numbers of mullet and silvers also being caught on a variety of natural and artificial presentations.
Very small undersize flathead are being sighted still which is also a good sign as far as looking ahead is concerned.

Port Welshpool:

Information from the boat storage is that there hasn’t been a great deal of activity on the water over the weekend despite the fact that the conditions were great.
The few that decided to try their luck were rewarded with reasonable size flathead as well as a sprinkling of mullet and salmon.
No sign of any whiting at the time of this report going to press but that is not great news as the water temperature is still way down to the winter levels but that is expected to change very much for the better in the near future.
The jetty has had a few anglers trying their luck where mullet, salmon, silvers and squid have been making up most bags.

Port Albert:

Information from the local general store is that there have been quite good numbers of garfish and salmon being caught mainly by boaters when conditions have allowed.
Flounder have also been caught in the traditional method but Ulla at the store says even though there have been reasonable patches of weather, overall there have been a fair effort between fish landed.
The “Custom House” is now next door to where the local hotel was before burning down.
Ulla says that this is the place for a refreshing drink after a hard day’s work, which will be even more appreciated as the approaching warmer days finally arrive.

Lakes Entrance:

the Post Office Jetty has had 23cm tailor caught on pilchard.
Surf beaches for salmon and flathead taking pilchard and poppers.
Plenty of fresh water about has made fishing a bit slow, but will improve off shore for pinkies, flathead and morwong on pilchard.

Corio Bay:

On daybreak Saturday morning, Snapper aficionado Alex Andjelkovic arrived at the Avalon boat ramp to be greeted with glassy conditions and dense fog.
But Alex knew where he was going and eventually anchored up in eight metres of water off the Mountain View Quarries.
At first nothing seemed interested in his generous squid baits, but as the tide began to ebb around 7.30am, one of his rods buried to the howl of the reel; the first of three such occasions over the next hour or so that yielded one snapper of 9.72 kg another of 8.05 kg, and one escapee.
On seeing Alex’s fish, friend and neighbour, Murray Scott sent his son Darcy down to Queenscliff to catch some squid for bait; a feat he accomplished in spades.
So with fresh bait, Murray and Darcy, along with friend Scott Teasdale, headed out off the quarries after dark on Saturday night.
They didn’t have long to wait for the first fish to come along, and then a second, but all was quiet after that.
However, it was on the tide change when the action re-ignited, and from around 8am until 11am they caught another five snapper before calling it quits: One fish weighed 4 kg but the other six were all from 6 to 8 kg. Many thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lake Tyers:

Trident Arm and Burnt Bridge in the early afternoon has been good as far as bream are concerned that are taking bream on prawn and soft plastics.
The lake has opened to the sea and will bring changes to the fishing.
With fresh salty water the fish will come down to the entrance as well as fish coming in on the tide.

Mitchell River:

Two Bells, The Cut and up to Shadoof Lodge are still good spots for bream taking prawn, crab and worm.

Tambo River:

From Burns Flat and heading down to Sardines Flat and the Rough Road area, all have been good for bream.
Best baits being local prawn and soft plastics. Also Marshalls Flats and Three Gums are worth a try for bream.


From The Reeds and up to The Car Bodies are the best spots for bream on prawn.


The front jetty for luderick taking local weed.
Shaving Point, the shallow banks towards the Lake King Jetty and the small jetties for trevally and mullet on prawn and worm.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on 56 723 474 or snafu1@dcsi.net.au. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE only thing that could have made Saturday any more perfect than it was would have been a few more fish.
The sun was out the wind was down and there was virtually no swell offshore and plenty of people took advantage to get out for a fish and to blow a few cob webs out of the boat.
Then we had Sunday and while the winds early weren’t too bad the cool conditions returned and most people stayed indoors.
The latter part of the week was good as well and with a lot more people fishing it naturally adds up to a few more reports coming into the shop.

The fishing is slowly showing signs of being on the improve but is still very much hit and miss and will probably continue this way for a few more weeks to come yet as the bay slowly warms up.
It’s the time of the year when there are plenty of snapper rumours getting around and plenty of pictures of last season’s fish being shown around as recent captures.
As for the factual reports there were a few this week and some decent fish amongst them.
Most of the reports I am getting continue to come from the western channel and on the Hastings side.
I know of half a dozen that were caught in that area and all were close to that 5kg mark.
A couple of reports came from around the Rhyll, Corals area but seemed to be smaller and unusual for this early in the season as they are just size pinkies.
The only other snapper I had reported came from the Temby, Lang Lang area but it was only a couple of fish which wasn’t many considering the amount of boats.
I would suggest that the snapper will all start to fire up in the next month or so as the water temperatures comes up.

Whiting have been a little hard to find recently and very few reports have been coming in although it was a little better this week.
I have had a couple of customers that fished last week late in the evening just before dark and said for that last half hour before it got dark the fish came on and then turned off like a tap as soon as the sun went down.
The whiting were very reasonable in size as well all being around the mid 30s.
The rest of the reports were all over the place and the sizes were all over the place as well with not a lot of consistency.
The best places for the whiting this week was around the Bass River and Reef Island but I did have reports from Cleeland Bight, Dickies Bay, Tortoise Head and Rhyll.

With offshore conditions very good for a couple of days several customers headed out to look for a feed of flathead and most were successful.
Although there aren’t too many tigers around as yet there are plenty of sandies to be had and like last year they seem to be in small patches with a lot of water between them.
The reports came from 25m to 45m of water and from Kilcunda to Woolamai which is a very big area I know but that’s just the way it is which I know makes it difficult to plan your day.
Best advice I can give from the reports is work out your drift and make you’re a first on a long drift over different depths, mark any fish you catch then maybe move a couple of kilometres do the same drift again marking any fish then travel to the best spot and work that area.
Squid has been the best bait with blue bait not too far behind, snapper snatches and plastic squid bait rigs also working.

Calamari reports have been even more frustrating than the whiting reports with reports very hot and cold and very little in the average.
There are still some patches in the tide where it’s almost a waste of time because of the fine weed fouling jigs.
From the reports whether it be boats, land or jetty all seemed to be the same story, you caught your 10 or you got 1.
I didn’t have many people come in that got three or four it just seemed to be all or nothing.
Jig colour was the same with everybody that got calamari telling me the colour they were using was the only colour working, problem they were all using different colours.
The baited jigs were working as well but most, especially in the boats seem to use them as secondary jigs and use the artificial jigs as their main set up.
As the water cleans up I do find from previous years that the more expensive jigs will defiantly start to work better and certain colours will start to be more successful.