tightlines-582014Griffin Ashby from Carrum Downs with a couple of nice salmon caught at Pensioners Corner and watched by his one dog, Zac. 

By King George

THE unpredictable weather has everyone guessing but even so there have been good bags of fish that are making the efforts worthwhile.
Naturally places are limited due to the conditions, which is something we have to put up with but there will be benefits in the long run, which is the good news.
Kevin Martin is a visiting angler from Traralgon and is very keen on his fishing.
He is landbased at the moment but has just moved to Inverloch and hopes to spend much more time out fishing, as he loved this area


Through the week here has been a bit of an increase in the landbased anglers trying their luck with varying tales of success.
A visiting angler from Traralgon decided to try his luck off the surf at Venus Bay and managed nice very nice salmon that were all just under the 1kg mark and taken on whitebait.
Harry Guiana says that he often likes to try his luck on any of the five beaches and seldom fails to take a fish home which makes the drive from Endeavour Hills well worthwhile and will be back again at the first opportunity.


Salmon continue to make up the majority of bags as far as landbased anglers and boaters are concerned as to be expected at this time of year.
Earlier on in the week King George came across some visitors from Dandenong trying their luck off the beach on the run-in tide.
The said that they had not been in Australia very long and were surprised at the beauty of the coastline and said that they would like to come back and further explore the area.
King George pointed out that they were in fact fishing in a sanctuary and it would be a good idea to fish somewhere else.
King George also pointed out why the area is now a sanctuary and the visitors understood.
He suggested an area just inside the entrance might be a better spot to wet a line and they were still there a few hours later where they had a couple of reasonable size salmon that would have given them a taste that evening.
A couple of visitors from Melbourne decided to pay the beach at Pensioners Corner a visit last Thursday.
They contacted King George and were amazed at how strong the wind was and naturally didn’t even get a line in the water-which would not come as much as a surprise and decided to wait.
They had a few days to spare as they weren’t going back until after the weekend at least.
King George told them that the wind could be still blowing but they asked him to keep them in the loop if possible.
King George came across a visiting angler from Traralgon and a crew who were trying their luck at Pensioners Corner.
Griffin Ashby says that he likes fishing in this area but his mates had failed to trouble the weigh-master.
However Griffin had in fact landed a couple of very nice salmon that were around the 400g mark which were destined for the table that night.
He also had his one eyed dog called Zac who was also keeping an eye out on his master’s progress, as well as guarding his success.

Shallow Inlet:

Needless to say that there has not been any activity on this stretch of water-which is renowned for good fishing throughout the year even winter when all bets are off at most other places.
There can even be fishing in some places when an east wind is present and not blowing too hard but even this productive part of the world had the shutters up when this big blow struck and everything came to a halt.
No doubt things will return to normal but at the time of this report all bets were off.

Port Welshpool:

The same situation applied in this area with no boats or landbased fishers even thinking about going anywhere near the water.
This is the time to check boats and equipment and do those jobs that have been put off such as servicing the motor, you know that piece of equipment that keeps you going on the water and when it stops you sweat, a bit like a fan.
The wheel bearings are something else that are often neglected until they run out of grease which is also not a good habit to get into as this piece of equipment needs constant checking and when they give up the ghost it is usually at the most inconvenient time and place.

Port Albert:

The general store also has nothing to report as far as fishing is concerned, as the water is virtually just mud.
Of course all boats and most operators will stay at home apart from those hardy souls who brave the elements.
There may be some sheltered spots out of the wind but it would be fair to say that these are a bit like the fish, hard to find!

Lakes Entrance:

All town jetties are producing luderick, trevally, salmon and tailor.
Best bait being glassies, worm, prawn and weed.
Eastern Beach for good salmon on poppers and blue bait.
Offshore last weekend Pinkies and morwong were taken. Local information is that the weather will put paid to that this weekend.

Lake Tyers:

From Reedy and Cameron’s Arm and up to Devil’s Hole have been good for Bream.
Best results are in snaggy areas were bream will lie in wait to ambush your bait, being lures and soft plastics. Toorloo and Blackfellows Arm are also worth a look.
The surf is producing salmon.

Mitchell River:

In the backwater from the Bluff at Wyung and towards Eastwood Bridge has been good for the occasional bream with their bait of choice being shell and local prawn.
The Butter Factory has had mullet being bagged on worm. Shadoof Lodge to the river mouth has seen reasonable numbers of bream being caught on prawn.

Tambo River:

The cliffs around dusk are worth the effort for good size bream, using spider crab and local prawn.
Bream are at Marshall’s Flat heading down to the snags and Tambo Light.


The pear tree and the swimming hole are spots to try for bream, best bait being local prawn and worm. Between the two bridges has the odd size bream on peeled prawn and worm.


Sandworm and local prawn are best for bream.
Try Shaving Point and around the Lake King jetty. Along the boardwalk heading towards Chinamen’s Creek, try the structures with lures and soft plastics for bream.


Banksia Peninsula and Duck Arm are producing the odd salmon, tailor, bream and mullet.
Bait of choice is local prawn. McMillan Strait to Slipways and into Lake King for bream on worm and prawn as preferred bait.

Hollands Landing:

The woodpile around dusk for bream, taking pipi and prawn.
Tom’s Creek is worth a look.


Bream and mullet are in the estuary taking worm and cut crabs.
Surf beaches are producing good salmon and tailor, taking poppers and pilchards.
There are some gummies as well, taking squid legs, eel and fish fillets.
Offshore, has good fish, if you dare to go out. Check weather forecast for wind warnings.

Bemm River:

The Lake has been good for bream that are taking peeled prawn but there is plenty of water mixed in with them.
At Pearl Point salmon are taking lures and the surf has salmon, preferring to take lures.


Weed beds producing perch and bream, best bait being lures and imitation prawn such as soft plastics.
Peter’s Rock has been good for bream, mullet and luderick on worm and prawn.
The surf is good for salmon and gummies on poppers and pilchard.


Surf is producing salmon on incoming tide using popper and pilchards.
The garfish have returned to the main pier, using small baits and burley.
The odd flathead is about up past the Narrow’s.
Double Creek has been good for bream, taking prawn. Gipsy Point and Wallagaraugh River is the place for bream, which are spawning. The Bottom Lake has been good for trevally.

Keep the fishing reports coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 56 723 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.


Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

APART from the cyclonic winds, torrential rains, icy cold temperatures and the very dirty water it was a week worth getting out for a fish.
It wasn’t all bad and we did have a couple of breaks even in the worst of it and there were a couple of days although cold had light winds.
The fishing was patchy and most of the reports came from landbased customers with only a couple of days actually calm enough to get out in the boat.

For several years now I have had customers asking me for large frozen mince berley blocks and although I have been making some they have been for my use as I haven’t had the right gear to do enough to sell.
Over the last couple of months I have been able to build up an old commercial mincer and I can now mince enough to have some for sale this season.
The mince I will have this season will be in 6kg or 10kg blocks and will fit into a scaler bag.
They will be a mixture of fish, mostly tuna in the 10kg blocks but some I have done for the bay fishermen is 100 per cent minced squid in the 6kg blocks but I will only have limited numbers of these and the other that will be limited is 10kg blocks of minced red bait.
They will need a bit more time in the freezer but should be available from later this week but I can’t guarantee how long they will last as I have limited numbers of the squid and red bait.
I will have mixed fish and tuna minced blocks available once the Mako season gets here.

Reports were a bit of all over the place this week as most threw the idea of fishing what is the best time to fish and just heading out when there was a break in the weather.
The jetty at San Remo produced several squid but I didn’t hear from anybody that got more than two and most only managed one.
The water was very dirty and when the water cleaned up at the end of the tides the weed appeared and it was hard work.
Reports from the beaches and even from the boats was much the same story just the numbers were slightly better from the boats.
Reports came from Ventnor and Cleeland Bight beaches and Cleeland Bight and Reef Island from the boats.

The size of the salmon hasn’t improved much and almost all of the reports are of small ones well under the 1kg mark.
The numbers have improved slightly over the last few weeks and as it can be with salmon a lot of luck is involved being in the right spot at the right time as the school swims past.
If you enjoy eating or just fishing for salmon and are a bit frustrated with the weather consider using lures because it is something you can do without much preparation.
All you need to do is grab your rod and a small tackle box in a shoulder bag and head to the beach making it very easy to go fishing in the breaks in the weather.
There are dedicated rods and reels for spinning lures but you can just use your surf rod, the main difference is the weight of the rod with lure rods much lighter and easier to use for a long period of time.
From the reports there wasn’t one beach that stood out with spasmodic reports from them all.
Salmon and calamari were included in the majority of the reports and the rest of the fish caught was a real mixed bag, probably more to do with the weather.
Still plenty of rumours around of snapper being caught off Corinella and a rumour of pinkies off Rhyll but I didn’t have any of them reported first hand to the shop.
I had the odd whiting reports from the few boats that were out and several flathead again from offshore on Sunday.