alberton-netballKorumburra-Bena A Grade celebrate their third consecutive premiership. Back, from left, Kimberley Hillberg, Gemma Dixon, Alana Bassett, Brylie Wilson, Emma Kyle. Front, Jacqui Snooks, coach Christie Hillberg and Ang Croatto. C123714.

Grand finals results . . .
A Grade: Korumburra-Bena 45 d Dalyston 21.
B Grade: Korumburra-Bena 34 lt I-Kongwak 65.
C Grade: Korumburra-Bena 26 lt I-Kongwak 31.
17&U: MDU 48 d Dalyston 21.
15&U: I-Kongwak 28 d Foster 25.
13&U: I-Kongwak 26 d MDU 20.

13 and under
Inverloch-Kongwak 26 d MDU 20
IK started well and settled early throwing the first three goals; IK had a sea of hands in defence. MDU was patiently trying to drive the ball forward, trying to utilise the height advantage they had in the goal ring.
Strong rebounding by both teams in the circle saw the ball move up and down the court without goals being scored early in the second.
IK seemed to get a little nervous and started to make some uncharacteristic unforced errors.
Some great energy from the crowd for both teams increased as the scores grew closer.
IK came out after the break having made a few changes.
A new GS was bought on for IK and she steadied the ship shooting the first two goals.
MDU’s GK Holly McEachern was very strong in defence taking two amazing intercepts to keep MDU within reach of the premiership.
MDU lifted and started to put extra pressure over each pass, IK missed a few goals and MDU were able to rebound well but unable to capitalise on these opportunities.
MDU came out desperate for the ball.
Tight defence made the game intensify as there was only 10 minutes to go and still anyone’s game. The crowd became more involved as the score got to within two goals.
The coaches of both teams could be heard yelling ‘steady’ to the girls.
IK goalers listen and settled and capitalised on a couple of late MDU mistakes to win.

15 and under
Inverloch-Kongwak 28 d Foster 25
Foster broke the first centre pass and settled early to take the lead.
Accurate goaling from both teams early in the quarter didn’t allow for any rebounds but intercepts were taken through the mid-court.
Foster made lots of space and were driving hard at the ball in attack.
IK seem tentative with passes and leads and Foster took a strong lead a quarter time.
Players were anxious to get back on the court after the break.
IK started to use their height in the ring to their advantage and it all started to come together.
IK gained some confidence and stared to move more in attack and it allowed them to peg back a few goals.
Tired passes from Foster into the ring and strong intercepts by IK defenders saw the gap disappear. I
Bibs went flying everywhere on Foster’s bench during the break.
They made some positional changes as well as bringing on two sets of fresh legs.
IK also took the opportunity to bring on fresh legs.
The quarter started with a good tussle between the two centre players.
Strong leads by Foster’s goalers in little room and accurate shots saw Foster marginally regain the lead half way through the third.
It was a nervous start from Foster goalers who had been shooting confidently all game.
IK was putting lots of pressure on Foster’s centre passes.
IK used the height advantage well in the circle to take the lead in the last. Foster fought hard until the final siren getting the last few goals but the clock beat them.

17 and under
MDU 48 d Dalyston 21
Both teams started the game defensively wanting an early lead.
Noise levels from Dalyston girls on the court added to the hectic nature of the start of the game. Dalyston’s GD received a warning early for undisciplined play after a goal.
Feisty start from Dalyston trying to intimidate the Demons, MDU GS was the go to girl for the Demons, very tall, holding her space well.
MDU may have been undefeated but someone forgot to tell Dalyston that as they faught hard to match it with MDU.
The second saw a couple of changes to Dalyston, their defence came out playing hard and physical netball.
MDU goalers showed they had discipline and the home court was kind to then with great accuracy.
MDU’s WA Tyler Ralph was playing her role well receiving every centre pass and driving well to the top of the ring, then feeding the goalers beautifully.
Dalyston was trying everything they knew to get an edge over MDU and at times became frustrated with umpiring decisions and even each other.
MDU’s GS Tyla Riley was using her long legs to great advantage in the circle. MDU took a strong lead into half time. MDU 30 Dalyston 14
The third saw all new Dalyston team take the court with nearly everyone changing positions, showing the depth of the side.
MDUs Tyla Riley continued to dominate in the ring being very strong and accurate.
Wild passes and unsettled play from Dalyston didn’t help early in the third. MDU are showing they are here to win taking firm control of the game at the last break.
MDU continued to dominate the game in the last; they made sure all girls had made the court for the day as well.
Dalyston started to turn the ball over a little more but failed to capitalise in the goals.
MDU kept driving hard, making space. MDU’s GD Lauren Redpath had a great end to the game dominating in Dalyston’s goal third.

C Grade
Inverloch-Kongwak 31 d Korumburra-Bena 26
It was a steady start by both teams with Korumburra-Bena getting the first break, which was quickly made up by IK.
A few nervous shots from both teams, IK’s Jacqui Higgins getting hands on everything early, but not before Korumburra-Bena’s goalers settled to take an 8 to IK 6 lead into the first break.
IK had plenty of opportunities early to tie the game up but were nervous in shooting attempts.
As the fame progressed the contests at the ball got more heated with Korumburra Ben just holding a slight edge. Both teams still remained steady in attack till half time.
IK came out to play this quarter quickly getting two goals to take the lead.
This could be due to a change in the centre bringing on fresh legs, provided more drive in attack.
IK GS Kate Turner couldn’t miss despite countless attempts from Korumburra-Bena’s GK Marrissa Cosson to get the steal her team needed to take back control of the game.
There was a couple of brain fades from both teams late in the quarter which Korumburra-Bena took advantage of.
Desperation from both teams early in the last and the pressure started to get to the shooters, luckily for Korumburra-Bena they were able to secure rebounds and take the lead back early.
Korumburra Bena GS Emma Grabham begging her team to step up and dig deep.
IK to their credit steadied against the desperation and Korumburra Bena just could not match the goaling accuracy of IK.

B Grade
Inverloch-Kongwak 65 d Korumburra-Bena 34
Both teams came out with a lot of composer, settling into the game.
Long passes into the Korumburra-Bena goal circle from the centre worked a treat.
There was equally lovely passing into the the IK circle either between the goalers or from the centre court.
The play got scrappy mid-term both teams getting turnovers but not able to capitalise, it was the IK goalers who steadied and sunk their shots.
Playing coach Sindy Boyd was a great voice and presences for her team and play seemed to flow wonderfully through the centre court for IK Korumburra Bena seemed to find it more challenging and didn’t have the accuracy to match.
Korumburra-Bena had their chances to redeem themselves early having majority of the play but unfortunately unable to capitalise ain the ring.
IK GA Tegan Stahl continued her dominant finals series moving well and not missing assisted by GS Kasey Teakle with some great holding and repositioning.
Every turnover was turned into a goal for IK.
A change in the IK centre to bring on fresh legs and Korumburra-Bena changed their shooters around trying to salvage the score line.
IK continued their domination of the game despite increased accuracy in the Korumburra Bena goal circle. Every piece of luck was going IK’s way today.
More changes with IK bringing on Kate Lindsey into defence in the last and Sindy Boyd also returning to the court.
The change in the defence end for IK didn’t change the outcome of the game, this shows the calibre of the depth of this IK team.
They showed great teamwork and determination on the court. Korumburra Bena continued to play until the final siren sounded but the damage had been done.

A Grade
Korumburra-Bena 45 d Dalyston 21
Korumburra-Bena won the toss and elected to select the end rather than the ball showing awareness of the results in previous matches and maybe some other research.
Both teams took the court pumped up and ready to play but it was Korumburra-Bena who steadied early.
Korumburra-Bena’s Kimberly Hillberg started strong with a goal whilst off balance falling out of court followed not too long after by a great shot under no perceived pressure from Dalyston’s defence. Korumburra-Bena seemed to have the more settled game early on in the first.
Dalyston’s goaling accuracy showed signs of nerves early on but they continued to defend hard all the way down the court.
A bomb of a pass from Korumburra Bena GD Christie Hillberg into the Korumburra-Bena goalers saw Korumburra Bena capitalise catching the Dalyston defence out of position.
Korumburra found more confidence with their coach/captain Christie Hillberg’s confidence and it seemed to be contagious with the whole team stepping it up a notch to get a run on.
Accurate shooting from the goalers anywhere in the ring helped to extend Korumburra Bena’s half time lead.
A few changes by both teams at the main break didn’t seem to upset Korumburra-Bena’s confidence with their passing into the ring timed to perfection, the attacking players all making beautiful space. Christie made another bomb pass from just in the centre third all the way to the baseline of the court where sister Kimberly Hillberg caught it right under the ring.
Korumburra continued to show the polish of their game.
The long bombs from the centre to the goal ring continued whenever the opportunity arose. Dalyston continued to try their hardest but nothing seemed to be working for them.
Some emotions set in early on the court. The more experienced side came out the victors at the end of the day.