ashley-has-a-need-for-speed10Wonthaggi speedway driver Ashley England prepares his prized sprint car, Bumblebee, for this season’s racing. 

WONTHAGGI’S Ashley England loves cars and everything about them.
He works at Wonthaggi Tyre Power as a tyre mechanic and in his spare time he races cars in speedway competitions.
His latest project is an XF Ford Falcon called Bumblebee which he modified with a roll cage, additional bar work and foot protection so he was able to race it in speedway events.
Fixing up cars is a hobby Ashley loves.
“It’s great to blow off some steam after working on cars all day,” he said.
“I go home and work on them at night, then go out to the race track, crash it, rebuild it and do it again.”
Ashley has been racing for six years and enters events around Victoria in locations such as Bairnsdale, Ballarat and Wangaratta.
He started off in an old Commodore before his love for Fords saw him switch to an XF Ford Falcon.
He has had Bumblebee for over a season now and last year he finished second overall in the standard saloon class for the Nyora Speedway Club.
This year the driver has changed to the open sedan class which allows him to modify the car in any way he likes.
He said it is the adrenaline rush that he loves most about the sport.
“You drive down the highway and when a car gets a little bit close to you, you tend to panic a little bit,” he said.
“But then you go out racing and you’re rubbing up against the other cars to push them or lean on them in a corner.
“You get rear-ended, you get t-boned, you hit the walls, but it’s just so much fun.”
He has also made many friends since taking up racing.
“The way the other drivers help you is great,” he said.
“You come to a track, crash your car or whatever and they help you get out for the next race.”
Ashley’s next race is the first round of the five-round Victorian Speedway Council Championship, which will be held at Rosedale on November 1.