The Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective (SSRWC) welcomes any moves to bring some sense to the aggravating processes involved in forcing through a Special Charge Scheme (SCS) for road and drainage works in Sunset Strip.
However, the Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC) still seems hell-bent on pushing through with its vision for the area.
SSRWC wonder why this is so when a majority of interested residents do not want a SCS but are in favour of a primer seal road surface and BCSC fulfilling obligations for drainage.
This is especially so considering BCSC is asking residents of Smiths Beach for comment on drainage issues only without any mention of roads or a SCS, while flaunting the Sunset Strip drainage issues can only be corrected with a road upgrade.
Whose interests are best being served?
Of the seven stakeholders mentioned in the BCSC minutes, who is paying what?
Also, the BCSC’s definition of urban seems to be at loggerheads with the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Cape Paterson’s ‘Preserve the Cape’ group’s costing for rural and urban sealed roads indicate that as rural sealed roads any SCS project could be less costly to residents.
In relation to SCS repayments, BCSC is quoting a policy for debt management, however, this cannot be found on its website.
The SSRWC would like the BCSC, in an act of transparency, to provide details on how financially-strapped people would pay.
We would like to know how many Bass Coast Shire households are paying SCS costs, how much they are paying, for how long, at what interest rate, administration cost and how many homes in the shire have caveats on them because residents were unable to pay?
In recent times CEO Paul Buckley indicated he may initiate a review of special charge schemes and we now hope Sunset Strip will be part of that review.
It is understood 17 other areas in the shire could face a SCS.
We have a solid database of residents, we have published our email address and we have attempted to engage councillors in discussion, but to no avail.
In future communications about Sunset Strip we would like our views represented equally alongside those of the BCSC.
Perhaps a letter from SSRWC could accompany any further communication from the council.
Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective, Sunset Strip.