shining-a-light-on-the-problemThe concern is that headlights from the McDonalds Restaurant drive-through in Leongatha obscured the vision for those entering the South Gippsland Highway (Anderson Street) from Turner Street.

I regularly drive from Morwell to Korumburra, via Leongatha, where I use Turner Street to access the South Gippsland Highway.
I have been concerned after experiencing being dazzled by car headlights that are using the drive-through facility at McDonalds Leongatha, on numerous occasions.
I have approached McDonalds’ duty managers on two occasions, to no avail. I also approached the Victorian local police station and Vic Roads Leongatha who indicated there was little that they could do.
I have attached a photo of the view at the intersection to give you an idea how distracting and dangerous this situation currently is when motorists are attempting to turn right onto the highway at night.
It is particularly hazardous when turning at this intersection in rain.
Previously there was shrubbery between the McDonalds drive-through and the highway – this was removed approximately 12 months ago and the lights are now shining directly through a piece of lattice.
This drive-through needs a solid sheet installed to stop lights dazzling drivers coming out of Turner Street. This would be a very cheap fix for a very dangerous, avoidable situation.
Lewis Fisher, Korumburra.