we-dont-need-another-surveyI attended the ‘Dogs on Inverloch Beach’ meeting at Inverloch Community Hub on September 22.
The pro-dog lobby raised the following points.
• Dogs were never a problem, why change things?
The mess and noise from barking dogs have long been a problem for many people, it’s just that the silent majority have put up with it until now.
• It will cost too much to enforce dog restrictions. Why bother?
Because if you take away all restrictions, it unfortunately brings out the worst in people’s behaviour. Imagine the road toll with no speed limits.
• My dog is always on leash in leashed areas.
Before the holiday season started when there were only locals on the beach, why did I consistently count five out of six dogs off leash adjacent to the foreshore camping ground?
• I always do the right thing, I pick up after my dog.
Well someone isn’t. I still have to be very careful during my frequent walks or I would be treading dog mess inside my home – again.
Lack of enforcement by Bass Coast Shire is currently a real problem. Regulations are there for good reason. If your dog’s activities negatively affect those around you, it’s only fair to expect to have certain restrictions imposed.
Steve Carter, Inverloch.