“The roads are appalling, I don’t drive home at night.” These are the words of the Liberal candidate in the Seat of Bass. So true, but we need more than words to fix the state of our roads.
The problem in Bass continues to get worse because VicRoads and municipalities are starved of adequate funding for maintenance, let alone new projects.
There are horror stories about people having blowouts and rim damage from pot holes on the South Gippsland Highway.
This road carries over 3 million visitors a year, international tourists and holidaymakers from all over Australia.
We have had recent announcements on roads by government but band aid solutions are not the answer.
As the Mayor of South Gippsland said recently, we need an overall plan to fix our roads and bring them up to the standard of the rest of the state.
We need that announcement in this election campaign, funded over a five year period.
Anything less will show the government is taking us for granted yet again.
This is how they operate, making a series of small announcements that window dress a general lack of action on our roads.
Why are our roads so poor?
Why can the government find enormous funds for their signature city projects, such as the East West Link, but not adequately fund regional roads?
The money spent on the advertising campaign ‘Moving Victoria’ would go a long way to fixing our roads.
Make Bass Marginal: Why are we the doormat for the city and suburban Melbourne electorates? It is simple; Bass is too safe in political terms to rate in the budget. The political party system is broken, it is time we speak up for our community – we must make Bass marginal to make sure it matters.
Clare Le Serve, Independent candidate for Bass.