tightlines-292014Leongatha angler Col James with some nice silvers caught off Mahers Landing last Sunday.

By King George

THERE have been numerous complaints to King George from both boaters and landbased anglers enquiring as to the camping situation at numerous parks, which includes the Port Welshpool area. They say the reports have been very negative as far as camping is concerned where unrealistic restrictions are to be or have been so harsh that the ordinary campers fear they will be forced out of what has been previously an affordable family destination.
This has already had a direct negative impact on visitors to our wonderful part of the world as well as residents who have found affordable accommodation without adversely affecting anyone.
That is until now when the heavy hand of authority has clamped down on a style of living, which has been for many years peaceful and enjoyable.
Sadly this is under threat from big brother who it seems has nothing better else to do.
What a shame good people, many in later years are now face the real possibility of having their harmless, uncomplicated life style so cruelly disrupted in the name of red tape.
The first of many questions some are faced with is ‘where will we go?’ It is hoped that common sense will prevail.
A good spell of settled weather has seen an improvement in fishing results with snapper and gummy shark numbers on then rise even though there have been good results previously especially in the west side of Westernport Bay.


There haven’t been any reports from the beaches apart from a few salmon, tommy roughs and flathead being caught off Williamson’s beach.
The salmon have been up to the 1kg mark and taking a variety of presentations including whitebait, pilchards and surf poppers.


There has been a marked increase in boating numbers through the week as well as landbased numbers as to be expected and no doubt the results will also be on the rise.
The area known as the bathing boxes located near the entrance is still giving up good numbers of mullet, silvers, salmon and a few whiting.
The odd gurnard has also been bagged and are also all right on the table.
For the benefit of beginners, just be careful with these fish as they have some nasty spikes that can inflict a painful wound.
Warm to hot water, but not so hot as to inflict further pain or injury can relieve the spike pain if applied immediately by a sponge but of course it is better to avoid the injury in the first place.
The nearby popular spot for landbased anglers is Pensioners Corner, which always seems to have hopefuls willing to try their luck has also been worth a visit.
This is where there have been good numbers of mullet being taken on both sides of the low water tide.
The fish have been unusually big but no one is complaining and there have also been good numbers of reasonable size flathead, silvers and salmon making an appearance.
Emma Smethurst has just moved to Cape Paterson and loves fishing in this area but at the time of being visited by King George she had failed to trouble the weigh-master.
The jetty always has hopeful landbased anglers keen to try their luck and at times there has been a fair wait between enquiries.
Every so often there will be a school of mullet or salmon turn up and the long wait is forgotten with the action fast and furious.
The jetty has undergone renovations, which makes it more comfortable for fishing hopefuls, especially on a fine day.
Last Sunday King George came across Emma Davidson who resides at Cape Paterson who was trying her luck off the beach but at the time of the visit she was still waiting for a fish to come along but she was hopeful.

Mahers Landing

has been very popular with boaters and landbased anglers who have been doing very well in the excellent conditions.
On Sunday Arch and Jan Turton had a very good trip, as did Col James who has lived at Leongatha all his life.
They said that the conditions had been great all day and they had a mixed bag of quality salmon, silvers and mullet.
Rhett Petersen and Jacob Bright are also from Leongatha who spent a few hours out on the water off Mahers Landing but could only manage small undersize fish that they returned to the water. Francene Smethurst is a new member at Leongatha Angling Club and did manage a few mullet that were taken on small pieces of white bait but she was still hopeful of improving her bag as the evening approached.

Shallow Inlet:

Andrew Starrett runs the local caravan park with wife Karen and says that the health if the inlet is looking great.
He says that there are huge numbers of small flathead being sighted in the shallow water and the coming season is full of promise.
He says that the fishing has been great with very good numbers of silvers, salmon and mullet making up impressive bags.
The water temperature is still down at the winter levels but Andrew says that shortly this will change which will bring with it the renowned welcome arrival of ripper fish such as whiting that are well into the 50cm mark.
Gummies are also going to be welcome and in numbers as well as flathead and very good size silver trevally.
For the benefit of visitors and those anglers not familiar with this area there is no constructed boat ramp but the sand is firm enough in places for launching when the tide allows.

Lakes Entrance:

Town jetties have plenty of juvenile fish about, taking prawn.
The surf beach is good for salmon on poppers and pilchard.
Fraser Island has been good for trevally, salmon, tailor and mackerel where best baits have been prawn and pilchard.
Offshore is producing pinkies and flathead are taking pilchard.

Lake Tyers:

Blackfellows Arm, the channel markers and the Nowa Nowa Arm for bream on prawn. Tailor and salmon from the number two Boat Ramp and towards the entrance are taking prawn and lures.

Mitchell River:

From Grassy Banks, the Bluff and into The Cut has bream taking spider crabs and prawn.

Tambo River:

Howlett’s Flat and onto Clues Bluff and heading towards the mouth of the river has been good for bream. Best baits are local prawn and soft plastics.


From the Highway Bridge and downstream to the jetties is producing good size bream on worm and prawn.


The Marina and Boardwalk is producing bream on prawn and plastics.
Bancroft Bay and Chinamans Creek Jetty is also good for bream.
Shaving Point and into Lake King has been great for mullet and trevally. Try the shallow banks for flathead.


McMillan Strait, the main wharf and jetties have bream taking prawn. Salmon, flathead and luderick are also out and about where soft plastics and worm are worth a try.

Hollands Landing:

At the mouth of the Strait and into Bull Bay for Bream, the bait of choice being prawn and pipis. Blonde Bay and towards Storm Point is also worth a try.


Around the island has been good for bream and mullet, taking sandworm. Luderick are around the rock groynes on weed and worm.
The surf is good for salmon and tailor, taking poppers and pilchard.
Offshore for gummies and flathead on squid, pilchard and fish fillets.

Bemm River:

Bream are cruising the lake taking peeled prawn and worm.
The surf still has bream that are cruising the lake taking peeled prawn and worm. The surf is still producing salmon, metal lures as the bait of choice.


Pelican Point and down to the Rocks heading towards the entrance is worth a try for bream that are taking prawn. Shallow Banks are worth a try for flathead on plastics.
The surf is good for salmon and tailor on poppers and pilchards.


The Top Lakes. Gypsy Point and the upper rivers for bream on yabbies.
The surf is worth a try for salmon on poppers and pilchards.
Luderick are in fairly good numbers at the main wharf, taking weed. Offshore is also producing a
variety of good size fish.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on sanfu1@dcsi.net.au or 56 723 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.